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What is the reading order of your books?

All of my contemporary and paranormal books are stand alones. However, a few are set in the same worlds.

If you’d like to read the Montgomery Ink series in order, it goes: Denver (Original) > Colorado Springs > Boulder > Fort Collins.

The Redwood Pack series is set 30 years before the Talon Pack series.

Every contemporary romance I’ve written is set in the same world, however, each series is stand alone. If you want to read in timeline order, then start with Ink Inspired and work you way in the order they were released. You can check that out on my bookshelf by sorting by Interconnected Series or Release Date.

What is the reading order for all of the books in the Montgomery Ink world?

Each book in the Montgomery Ink world is a stand alone romance. In fact, every contemporary novel and novella I’ve ever written is set in the same world where the Montgomerys exist. It’s a fun way for readers to hop along the series and see familiar faces. And it’s a great way for new readers to start wherever they’d like, even four series into the world, and work their way around.

You can find the full reading order for all of the books out and upcoming HERE.

In terms of Montgomery Ink Novels only, without the other contemporary stand alone series:

  1. Delicate Ink
  2. Tempting Boundaries
  3. Harder than Words
  4. Written in Ink
  5. Ink Enduring
  6. Ink Exposed
  7. Inked Expressions
  8. Inked Memories
  9. Fallen Ink
  10. Restless Ink
  11. Jagged Ink
  12. Wrapped in Ink
  13. Sated in Ink
  14. Embraced in Ink
  15. Seduced in Ink
  16. Inked Persuasion
  17. Inked Obsession
  18. Inked Devotion
  19. Inked Craving
  20. Inked Temptation

The Montgomery Ink World so far encompasses a few series, so far, though each book is a stand alone. Below you can see where the trilogies in the world branch off from the main Montgomery Ink family novels.

Want an Alpha Hero?

In the mood for a growly Alpha Hero? Carrie Ann knows how to deliver!

  • Meet Jake and Border in Ink Enduring. Two dominant men for one woman? Perfection mixed with angst.
  • Graham from Love Restored is not only a growly alpha, he’s a broken one in need of some relief.
  • How about a dragon shifter and a bear shifter? Talk about alpha! Tangled Innocence is the perfect menage with the best tagline: A dragon, a bear, and a virgin walk into a bar…no really.

Want to read Carrie Ann’s books by heat level?

Most of Carrie Ann’s books are spicy and high heat. Though a few are a little milder than the others.

Want a book that will make you reach for the tissues?

Carrie Ann sometimes needs a book that makes her cry because sometimes only weeping will do.

  • Try Ink Exposed where a recovering alcoholic gets his 1-year chip and a chance at falling in love. Getting a second chance doesn’t come often in life and Alex learns the hard way that sometimes you have to forgive yourself before you can ask for forgiveness from others.
  • Hidden Ink is about a breast cancer survivor who is finally ready to take a chance with the one man she loves–a man suffering through PTSD.
  • In Hope Restored, Murphy finds out that the treatments for the illness he fought off as a child has consequences and before he can fight for his life, he must fight for his future.
  • With Fighting Fate, the end of the war is near, but first, sacrifice must be made.