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Last Minute Fiancé

Book 2 in the First Time Series
Special edition

A single drunken night changed everything.

One positive test later, and I’m not only pregnant with my best friend’s baby, but I’m falling for him too.

Except when my ex finds out at work, I do the worst thing I could at that moment: I lie.

I make up a fake fiancé and my boss overhears.

Now I need my best friend to play the part. He’s good at it, too, since we can’t keep our hands off each other.

When we’re both forced to lean on each other, we’ll have to face facts.

There’s nothing fake about this relationship.

Even if I’ll break my heart in the process.

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Last Minute Fiancé is Book 2 in the First Time series

Last Minute Fiancé Characters Profiles

Last Minute Fiancé


I was a little drunk and a little too full of cake, but it didn’t matter.

Because, as I said, I was a little drunk.

Music blared through the speakers as people writhed on the dance floor, laughing and joking with one another. I was pretty sure most of these people had been strangers earlier in the day, but when the birthday shots came out and the cake was cut, people became quite friendly.

That didn’t bother me too much from where I stood at the edge of the dance floor, sipping my drink and watching the others have fun.

I wasn’t sure what drink I was on; I had lost count at around three. Which didn’t seem like a lot, but I was usually a beer or wine drinker, not a cocktail drinker. However, these fruity concoctions tasted yummy.

And they went well with the cake that I had inhaled.

“Do you want some water?”

I blinked and narrowed my gaze at my brother, August. At least, I thought it was August, though it could have been Heath. My brothers were identical twins after all, and sometimes—if I’d had this many drinks, which wasn’t often—it was hard to remember how to tell them apart. Being identical and all.

You would think that sometimes I would feel like the odd man out, being the baby brother of twins that seemed to have that twin bond thing, but I didn’t. No, the odd man out was actually our sister. But Greer wasn’t here, as she had left earlier with her husbands.

My brothers never made me feel like I was on the outside, the one that didn’t look like them.

I squinted one eye and figured out that yes, this was August.

“Looking good, Aggie.”

My brother scowled and forced a plastic cup of water in my hand. “Drink this, asshole. And next time you call me Aggie, I’ll forget that you bruise like a peach and I’ll kick your ass.”

I snorted and looked down at both drinks in my hand. “Look at me. Double fisting.” I snorted, far too pleased with myself. It had been a very hard week at the clinic, and I’d had some terrible days that I didn’t want to dwell on. Tonight was about letting loose. Finally.

August pinched the bridge of his nose. “You are not in college anymore. Act normal.”

“I wasn’t even allowed to drink in college, thank you very much. I was in vet school and not old enough to drink. I’m playing catch up. You know, with parties and oats. You’re supposed to sow them, right?”

“Drink your water. How many of those fruity things with whipped cream have you had?”

I looked down at the pink frothy drink and shrugged, just noticing that I spilled some water on my shoe. “Not sure. But they sure are tasty.”

August scowled and took the drink from me and forced my other hand with the water cup towards my mouth.

“Drink this. You’re allowed to get shit-faced; I’m not Mom or Dad.”

I snorted and nearly choked on the water. “Good for that. Mom and Dad are assholes. I wouldn’t like it if you were an asshole.”

He gave me a sad look and cupped my cheek. “I love you, baby brother. And I’m glad I’m not Mom and Dad either. Because they are assholes. Now go drink your water and sober up a bit. You’re going to hate yourself in the morning.”

“I’m not sure if I hate myself now or not. The fruity drinks help.”

“That sugar is going to hurt. I don’t know what Heath was thinking with those fruity drinks.”

“It’s my bar, and my wife wanted a fun drink.”

“Okay,” I said, grinning. “I like that she’s your wife. Devney’s great.”

Heath looked between us, and the look on his face was so full of exasperation, I couldn’t help but grin before taking another drink of my water.

“My God. How many of those has he had? They’re just sugar and alcohol. He’s going to hate himself in the morning and I’m going to be blamed for it.”

“I lost count,” I said proudly, putting my hand over my stomach.

“Do not throw up in my bar,” Heath growled.

“Maybe don’t let him have so many fruity drinks,” August said, smiling between us. “He’s your problem now.”

“Hell no. I’m watching over my wife who also drank too much, and I’m going to go tuck her into bed soon. Party’s almost over guys. Drink more water.”

I did as both of them said, on my third glass of water. Heath slid a basket of fries in front of me and I smiled dreamily at him. “Seriously, my favorite brother.”

“You literally just said that to me,” August added dryly before he maneuvered someone else to sit next to me.

I squinted at the newcomer before beaming. “My Addison!” I called out, probably a little too loudly.

“My Luca!” My new best friend wrapped her arms around my shoulders and hugged me tight. “I lost you.”

“You guys were like five feet from each other,” August grumbled. “I need to go check on everyone else and make sure they have rides home. Do not move from this spot.”

“Of course not. I have my new best friend here. I love Luca. You’re still an asshole.” She winked at August.

My brother rolled his eyes as he made sure Addison sat down. “Stop talking to my ex-wife.”

“But your ex-wife is my friend. I had to go with girl solidarity.”

“You are going to regret this conversation in the morning,” August grumbled before he went off to go presumably help someone else.

I pulled away from Addison and scooted the fries between us. I took a bite of the gloriously crunchy deep-fried potatoes, and sighed. “You shouldn’t get on him about the divorce. It makes him sad.”

Addison exhaled, her mouth going in that little pout I told myself I shouldn’t think about as much as I did. “You’re right. It’s such a jerk move of me. I don’t even know why I said it. It’s not like Paisley treats him any differently. Not that I’ve ever really seen them together outside the wedding and random events like this.”

“I don’t even know why they got divorced. Only that one minute they seemed happy, the next he came home and said it hadn’t worked out. And then she was living in this state with us.”

“But it wasn’t on purpose. I’m pretty sure Paisley was here first.” Addison frowned. “Yes. She was totally here first. And then you guys showed up.” She smiled at me before she crunched into a fry.

“Not that I mind. Because Heath and Devney are adorable, and we got Greer—your sister is fantastic.”

“She is pretty fantastic.” I paused, waiting for her to continue. “And me. You got to meet me. And that really is the best part of your year.”

She rolled her eyes. “Of course, you. My life wouldn’t be complete without you.” She fluttered her eyelashes.

I snorted. “I feel like you’re mocking me.”

“Of course I’m mocking you. Because I love you.”

I sighed and finished the fries with her, as well as our waters. “You know, I kind of miss women telling me that they love me. Or at least one woman.” I frowned. “I’m really glad I have water, since I’m drunk enough to be bringing that up.” I rubbed at my chest then drank the last of my water. August appeared with two more cups, scowling between the two of us. He shook his head, as if he wanted to say something and refrained, before going back to talk with a group of friends.

“You can always talk about her if you want. I don’t mind.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” I shrugged. “She’s gone. I’m not. I’m here. I’m sobering up.” I swallowed, the taste of sugar and liquor still lingering on my tongue. “Okay, not sober, but I’m not silly anymore. I’m going to count that as a win.”

“I like silly Luca.”

“I like you too, Addison.”

Our gazes met and my stomach tightened. I must have had far more to drink than I thought. This was Addison. Yes, she was beautiful, one of the most beautiful women I had ever met in my life. And she was my best friend.

I loved her bright light-blue eyes and her short dark hair. It was just past her shoulders now, having grown out from a pixie cut before I had met her. She mentioned once that her hair had been down past her back, and because her ex had always loved talking about it, she chopped it off when they broke up.

I thought she looked good no matter what, but she didn’t believe me when I told her that. Her hair was great, and so were her eyes, but it was that smile that always caught me. She had such a damn good smile, one that brought you in and let you know that she could take over the world, and you could be right by her side. That nothing bad could happen when that smile was near.

Not that I would ever tell her, that seemed a little too weird to say out loud.

“Okay you two, let’s get you in a rideshare and get you home.”

I blinked up in confusion at August. “But Addison and I don’t live together.”

“You live close enough, and the guy already has it set up that you guys can share the ride and get you both there. I can’t take you home when I’m dealing with everyone else. Did the fries and water help?” He studied our faces, and before we could answer, he nodded and pulled me up by my shoulder.

“Come on. Get home, drink more water, take a couple Advil, and go to bed. Thank God you don’t have to work tomorrow, but you’re still going to hate me, hate all of us, if you don’t get some sleep.” He scowled again at Addison. “You too. In fact, I’ve never seen you drink. Is something going on?”

I whirled on her, staggering a bit as I did. Thankfully, my brother kept me steady, though he didn’t look happy about it.

“That’s right. You don’t get drunk. Is it work? Am I going to have to kick someone’s ass for you, because I will. You never let me kick anyone’s ass.”

Addison smiled and leaned forward, patting my cheek.

“You’re the sweetest. But no. No asses need to be hurt. I mean, unless that’s something you like.”

I grinned as August choked from beside me, shaking his head.

“I do not understand the two of you, nor whatever type of psycho parasitic relationship you have, but it doesn’t matter. I’m getting you in the car, and the driver’s going to text me when he drops you off. Go home, drink water, and get some sleep.”

“But I didn’t tell the birthday girl goodbye.”

I looked around August to search for Devney, and August growled, pulling us towards the door.

“Devney is already on her way home, asleep in the back of the car, because she had just as much as you for her birthday.”

“That’s good. Devney never gets to really have fun anymore.”

“She has tons of fun. And because all one hundred and fifty of her siblings showed up, the place was hopping.”

“There weren’t one hundred and fifty, only like eighty-four,” I corrected, and August rolled his eyes before shoving me in the back of a car. I slammed my head into the oh-shit bar and groaned, clasping my palm to the side of my head as Addison slid into the other side. The driver said something to August, but I wasn’t paying attention, too busy breathing through the pain inside my head.

“Oh, poor baby. Let me kiss it better.”

She pulled me towards her and kissed my temple. Her lips were so damn soft, I sucked in a breath, annoyed that my cock was standing at attention. With so much to drink that shouldn’t be the case but apparently my dick didn’t care. It had been too long since it got any attention, but it didn’t matter. I wasn’t going to do anything about it. This was Addison. My dick could get over her, just like I’d been trying to do since we’d met.

Addison pulled me so I was resting on her shoulder, but it wasn’t her shoulder, it was more like her breasts because we hit a bump and I slid down. She didn’t move me though, so I snuggled in, her breasts soft and voluptuous. The perfect fucking pillows for my hurt head.

It was a fifteen-minute drive, or at least that’s what it should be, it could have been an hour for all I knew—I was in paradise—when the driver pulled up in front of the house.

“Here you go.”

“Perfect,” Addison said as she moved, and I reluctantly slid away from her breasts.

She got out of the car and I followed, not just because of her boobs.

The driver said something, but we waved him off and he sighed before driving away.

“Weird,” Addison muttered, and I followed her into the house. She closed the door behind us and we made our way into the kitchen.

“Water and Advil, just like your brother said.”

I grinned and we each chugged a whole glass of water, my head finally no longer aching.

“I’m not as drunk as before. That’s a good thing.”

She smiled wide. “Me either.”

Then she stepped past me, stripping her shirt over her head.

When the bra came next, I swallowed hard, trying not to look at her rosy pink nipples. But it was really the only thing I could look at.

And when she moved back to tug on my belt, I sucked in a breath and followed her into the bedroom.

I stripped down, taking off my shirt first, then my belt and pants, forgetting I was still wearing my shoes, and quickly kicked those off.

“I had such a great time tonight,” Addison said as she stretched her arms over her head.

That put her breasts right near my face as I was bent over taking my shoes off, and so I did the only thing I could think.

I slid my face between her breasts and kissed her. She moaned, and somehow we were suddenly both on the bed, hands and mouths all over each other.

I didn’t mean for it to happen.

My mouth was on hers, and she tasted of sugar and liquor and everything that I craved.

I slid my hand between her legs and found her bare. She was wet, my fingers sliding between her wet folds. I slid one finger deep inside and she moaned.

It felt like a dream, like it wasn’t real, but the screaming part in the back of my brain knew it was real.

“Addison?” I whispered. “Tell me to stop.”

She looked at me, her eyes clear.

“I’m not that drunk, Luca. Don’t stop.”

So I didn’t.

With my hand still between her legs, I slid my thumb over her clit, slowly fingerfucking her as she writhed under me. Her hands went between us, gripping the base of my cock, and I groaned, needing more.

We were still kissing, her hands on me, when she came, her pussy clenching around my fingers.

When I slowly slid them out of her, I brought my hand up to my mouth and sucked them clean.

She groaned, then turned over.

I looked down and began massaging her ass, spreading her cheeks so I could see her wetness.

“You’re so damn beautiful.”

She let out a soft laugh as she placed the condom between us.

Suddenly far more sober, I quickly opened the packet and slid the condom over my length.

And then she was under me again and I was cradled between her thighs.

I met her gaze and knew that this was probably a fucking mistake.

But I didn’t care. Not with this woman, not with what I knew was going to happen next.

I slid deep inside of her and we both moaned, and then my lips were on hers, and her hands were rubbing up and down my back.

It was fast, it was frantic, but she was coming again around my cock, squeezing me, as I slid in and out of her faster and harder. And when I pounded in the last time, both of us whispering each other’s names, I came, my whole body shaking as she clung to me.

Sweat-slick, and now sober, I held her but couldn’t meet her gaze.

So afraid that I had ruined everything.

“Luca?” she whispered, and I was prepared for the blow, prepared for any reaction.

I pulled back and pushed her hair back from her face, needing to see those eyes. “Addison?”

“We’ll talk about it in the morning?” she asked, her voice soft, afraid of what I would say.

So in answer, I kissed my best friend again, slowly, surely, and then I pulled out of her, kissing her again before taking care of the condom.

But when I slid back into bed, she snuggled into my arms.

“In the morning,” I whispered.

Only I didn’t think we would.

I didn’t think there was anything to say.

I had just had sex with my best friend.

There was no coming back from that.

end of excerpt

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