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The Montgomery Ink: Boulder Series

About the Montgomery Ink: Boulder Series

The Montgomerys are heading north to Boulder, Colorado. These Montgomerys hold their secrets close and their family closer…at least that’s what they’ve told themselves over the years. When their world shifts on its axis, however, each sibling will have to fight for a way to find their equilibrium, as well as who they thought they were before everything changed. Breaking down their own barriers won’t be easy, but they’re Montgomerys and never back down from a challenge—even when the challenges happen to be the ones they never saw coming.

Each book can be read as a stand alone.

The Montgomery Ink: Boulder series is set in the same world as the Montgomery Ink, Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs, Fractured Connections, Gallagher Brothers, and Whiskey and Lies series.

Montgomery Ink: Boulder Characters

Wrapped in Ink

  • Arden Brady

    Age: 28

    Job: Research and Book Compendiums for Sci Fi and Historical Fiction

    Strength: Her inner strength

    Weakness: What others see

    Hobby: Reading, baking, and her dog

    Goal: To be seen as whole

  • Liam Montgomery

    Age: 35

    Job: Author

    Strength: His caring

    Weakness: His family

    Hobby: Reading

    Goal: To figure out the answers.

Sated in Ink

Embraced in Ink

  • Marcus Stearn

    Age: 33

    Job: Librarian

    Strength: His family.

    Weakness: Her.

  • Bristol Montgomery

    Age: 31

    Job: Cellist

    Strength: Her ability to put everyone first and to help them no matter what.

Moments in Ink

Seduced in Ink

Captured in Ink