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Want to start the Montgomery Ink world?

The Montgomery Ink World spreads over a few series though each book is a stand alone. You can either start with the prequel to the Montgomery Ink series, Ink Inspired, or start with the first full length book, Delicate Ink.

If you’d rather start with a smaller trilogy in the world, go with either Love Restored, Gallagher Brothers Book 1, Whiskey Secrets, Whiskey and Lies Book 1, Breaking Without You, Fractured Connections Book 1 or Breathless With You,  Less Than Book 1

Think of the Montgomery World like a giant tree where the trunk consists of the main Montgomery families (Montgomery Ink, Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs etc…). The branches are my trilogies where they center around a family that marries into the Montgomery clan one way or another. The Gallagher Brothers series is about Jake’s brothers from Ink Enduring while the Whiskey and Lies series is about Tabby’s brothers from Ink Exposed. The Fractured Connections series is about Mace’s family from Fallen Ink. The Less Than series is about Dimitri’s siblings from Restless Ink.

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