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Want to start the Montgomery Ink world?

The Montgomery Ink World spreads over a few series though each book is a stand alone. To begin the Montgomery Ink series you can begin with Delicate Ink or any of the series centering on the main family, such as Inked Persuasion or Bittersweet Promises.

If you’d rather start with a series set in the same world but a bit smaller, Forever Only Once is a wonderful place to begin with the Promise Me series. The Wilder Brothers series is also a fan favorite where you can begin with the free prequel, A Night for Us.

Think of the Montgomery World like a giant tree where the trunk consists of the main Montgomery families (Montgomery Ink, Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs etc…). The branches are my trilogies and other series where they center around a family that marries into the Montgomery clan one way or another.

You can jump around each series and feel NO NEED to begin with the older books. If a new series jumps out to you, begin there and then you can read any other series of mine. I promise you won’t be lost!

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