Bittersweet Promises - Carrie Ann Ryan
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Carrie Ann Ryan Carrie Ann Ryan

Bittersweet Promises

Book 1 in the Montgomery Ink Legacy Series
Special Edition

New York Times Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan returns with the next generation of Montgomerys and a second chance romance bound in memory and heat.

Leif Montgomery fell hard for Brooke Alder in Paris when they were young, and he thought their fling was just an early taste of what life had in store for him.

But life had other plans, and he didn’t find that kind of love—or see Brooke’s face—for years.

Until he visits his cousin’s house and sees who’s moved in next door.

They’ve both changed: she’s a struggling single mom, he’s running from a past he’s trying to hide while opening up a new tattoo shop. Yet the moment he sees her again, he knows she’s the one for him.

And with one look, Brooke knows that she can’t fight the desire that pulled them together before, despite the skeletons in both their closets.




Bittersweet Promises is Book 1 in the Montgomery Ink Legacy series

    The full series reading order is as follows:

  • Book 1: Bittersweet Promises
  • Book 2: At First Meet

Bittersweet Promises Characters Profiles

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Bittersweet Promises

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Bittersweet Promises

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Content Warning:

Violent threats, child endangerment, sexual harassment, physical assault (All from 3rd parties and not MCs or future MCs.)