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The On My Own Series

About the On My Own Series

Four Roommates. One Party. A Night that Changes Everything.

Get into college? Check.
Find friends that understand your quirks? Check.
Figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life? Getting there.
Fall for the girl you shouldn’t? Most likely.

Four friends are trying to finish college even if they didn’t begin their journeys on the normal route. First apartments, unsteady jobs, and learning to balance having a life with a massive course load is only a tiny step of being on their own.

Falling in love when others say it’s too early, too wrong, or too hard?
Well…they’ll just have to do that on their own too.

You first meet the hero of book 1, Dillon, in the Fractured Connections series. He is the youngest brother and the series is about him and his roommates.
Each book is a complete stand alone and has an HEA.
The series is complete at 4 novels and a free prequel.

On My Own Characters

My One Night

  • Elise Hoover

    Age: 22

    Trivia: Her Majors are leading her to become a doctor of physical therapy.

  • Dillon Connolly

    Age: 22

    Trivia: His Major is Business. He wants to join the Connolly family business.

My Rebound

  • Mackenzie Thomas

    Age: 22

    Trivia: She's a physics major with PLANS. And a planner. And a love for checkboxes.

  • Pacey Ziglar

    Age: 22

    Trivia: His major is Physics with a minor is Applied Mathematics.

My Next Play

My Bad Decisions

  • Natalie Blake

    Age: 22

    Job: Future Social Worker and Current Trust Fund Princess

  • Tanner Hagen

    Age: 22

    Job: Future Architect and Current Bad Boy Reputation