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My Rebound

Book 2 in the On My Own Series
Special Edition

A rebound isn’t supposed to last. Though, sometimes, fate has other ideas in this opposites attract, friends with benefits romance.

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

Mackenzie Thomas started planning her future at the age of six. She knew the college she wanted, the career she needed, and the boy she would marry.

Only he wasn’t supposed to break up with her in such a spectacular fashion. Now, she’s tossing her planner and breaking her rules.

First up: Pacey Ziglar.

Mackenzie wants one night of fun. One night to toss out all inhibitions with the sexy Brit across the hall. Too bad she fell for her rebound along the way.

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My Rebound is Book 2 in the On My Own series

My Rebound Characters Profiles

My Rebound

“Okay, let’s get this done,” Dillon said, and then he whistled through his fingers.⁠
“Did you just whistle?” Nessa asked, and Dillon shrugged, blushing.⁠
“He’s like that. Positively annoying,” Pacey said and grinned down at Nessa.⁠
Miles, the final roommate, simply shrugged. “Well, it got our attention, didn’t it?”⁠
“We should get going. I have a list.” I pulled out my tablet and clipboard. “And I have assignments if you’ll let me.”⁠
“You have a list? Shocking,” Pacey said as he came over to me. ⁠
I raised a brow. “Are you making fun of me?”⁠
“I would never make fun of you, darling.”⁠
I narrowed my eyes. “I feel like that’s a lie.”⁠

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My Rebound

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Content Warning:

Grief, Loss, Physical Assault