Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins - Carrie Ann Ryan
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The Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins Series

About the Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins Series

The Fort Collins Montgomerys work hard and play harder. They know what they want and settling down isn’t it. They’re loud, a little broody, and will put their family above everything else, including their own needs. They’ve dealt with loss more than once, but when it hits again, this time cutting even deeper, these Montgomerys will have to face the fact that they’ll have to rely on others—and fall in love when they least expect it.

Each book can be read as a standalone romance and is perfect for those wanting to laugh, cry, and swoon right along with the characters.

Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins Characters

Inked Persuasion

Inked Obsession

Inked Devotion

  • Brenna Garrett

    Age: 25

    Job: Cake Decorator and Business Owner

    Trivia: Annabelle's friend. Eliza's friend. Lee's friend. Benjamin's friend. Beckett's best friend. Get it?

  • Benjamin Montgomery

    Age: 28

    Job: Landscape Architect

Nothing But Ink

  • Clay

    Age: 26

    Job: Assistant Project Manager

  • Riggs Kennedy

    Age: 26

    Job: Sexy Bearded Bartender and Bar Owner

Inked Craving

Inked Temptation