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The Wilder Brothers Series

About the Wilder Brothers Series

Introducing the Wilder Brothers.

Ten sexy, built AF, slightly overprotective brothers.
Ten women who won’t back down in order to protect those they love.

When the Wilder brothers return home after leaving the military and the lives they fought to build, they’ll have to start from scratch and create roots when they had none before. They’re moving to a new state, a new town, and with a new set of problems they never expected. Falling in love along the way isn’t in the cards, but the Wilder brothers should know by now—you don’t choose your fate, fate chooses you.

Wilder Brothers Characters

One Way Back to Me

  • Alexis Lane

    Age: 30

    Job: Wedding Planner

  • Eli Wilder

    Age: 36

    Job: Director and Operator for Wilder Resort

Always the One for Me

The Path to You

Coming Home for Us

Stay Here With Me

Finding the Road to Us

Moments for You

A Wilder Wedding

Forever For Us