Always the One for Me - Carrie Ann Ryan
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Always the One for Me

Book 2 in the Wilder Brothers Series
Special Edition Cover

The Wilder Brothers from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continue in this emotionally charged enemies to lovers romance.

It took two days for me to know Kendall was the one for me.

And it took two years for me to realize I had to leave in order to protect her.

When I walked away, I told myself it was for the best. But now we work together, and every time we’re in the same room, we end up fighting. If we didn’t, we’d end up naked. Or worse–spilling heartbreaking secrets.

If she knew the truth, she’d either walk away for good or convince me to take a second chance. The first thing would break me, and the second would break her. I can’t let either of those things happen…

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Always the One for Me is Book 2 in the Wilder Brothers series

Always the One for Me Characters Profiles

Always the One for Me

I’m delighted that I met you, Evan.”

“Damn straight,” I whispered, my breath going choppy. I pressed my forehead to hers and smiled. “Tomorrow then?”

“Tomorrow is bachelor and bachelorette time. The girls invited me.” She beamed, her entire face lighting up, and I swore I fell in love.

“They like you.”

I like you too.

“I like them too. So yes, my parents are excited that I’m not hanging out with them because that means they can do what they want, and my brother too.”

I didn’t know her family and hadn’t met them, but I already didn’t like them. “While that kind of annoys me, I’m going to pretend that it doesn’t because I get to spend time with you.”

“Evan,” she whispered, and I realized I had said that out loud.

I kissed her again, tucked her hair behind her ear, and then watched as she safely made her way into the hotel and to the elevators.

I stuck my hands in my pockets and watched after she was out of sight for longer than I should have. I was grateful when she texted to tell me she was safe in her room.

This was a danger—a mistake. You did not find the woman of your dreams in Vegas of all places.

But what if I had?

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Always the One for Me

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Content Warning:

Death, grief, divorce, battle/violence, assault, attempted assault (all not done by MCs to each other.)