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The Montgomery Ink Series

About the Montgomery Ink Series

The Montgomery Ink series is a steamy and emotional contemporary series from NYT Bestselling Author, Carrie Ann Ryan that features the Montgomery family in Denver Colorado. Between tattoo shops, construction companies, and lost loves, the Montgomery family is going to leave a mark.

Emotional with an erotic edge, the Montgomery Ink series is ready to roll with heart pounding drama and heated sparks ready to ignite.

And when the Denver Montgomerys find their love, the Boulder, Ft. Collins, and Colorado Springs Montgomerys need to get their HEAs too.

Each book is a complete stand alone and can be read in any order.

Montgomery Ink Characters

Ink Inspired

  • Shephard Montgomery

    Age: 38

    Job: Tattoo Artist at Midnight Ink

    Trivia: Is the cousin of the main Montgomerys in Denver and is best friends with Caliph. (Who you can read about in Mari Carr’s novella.)

  • Shea Little

    Age: 32

    Job: Accountant

    Trivia: A little OCD never hurt anyone…thought the Ice Princess thing might.

Ink Reunited

  • Ian Steele

    Age: 35

    Job: Real Estate Billionare

    Trivia: Has a secret tattoo that Sassy and Rafe have yet to see…

  • Sassy Borduex

    Age: 32

    Job: Receptionist at Midnight Ink Tattoo Shop in New Orleans

    Trivia: Likes to change a strip of her hair a different color every week or so.

  • Rafe Chavez

    Age: 33

    Job: Mechanic

    Trivia: Has a large family still in New Orleans and owns three shops around the country.

Delicate Ink

  • Austin Montgomery

    Age: 38

    Job: Co-Owner and Tattoo Artist at Montgomery Ink

  • Sierra Elder

    Age: 29

    Job: Owner of the Eden Boutique

    Trivia: Used to love riding motorcycles...

Forever Ink

  • Morgan McAllister

    Age: 40

    Job: MBA

    Trivia: He knows Austin from back in the day...and that's why he'll finally show up at Montgomery Ink.

  • Callie Masters

    Age: 25

    Job: Apprentice Tattoo Artist at Montgomery Ink

    Trivia: Works for Austin and Maya and is about to get the biggest chance of her life.

Tempting Boundaries

  • Miranda Montgomery

    Age: 23

    Job: High School Math Teacher

    Trivia: She dances like no one is watching...even when everyone is watching.

  • Decker Kendrick

    Age: 29

    Job: Contractor at Montgomery INC

    Trivia: Best friends with Griffin Montgomery

Harder than Words

  • Meghan Montgomery-Warren

    Age: 32

    Job: Landscape Architect for Montgomery INC

    Trivia: She has two kids with her ex, rent due every month, but will be just fine as long as she can get a good night's sleep. Eventually.

  • Luc Dodd

    Age: 32

    Job: Electrician for Montgomery INC

    Trivia: Was best friends with Meghan in high school.

Finally Found You

  • Mason Sutton

    Age: 32

    Job: Landscape Architect

    Hobby: Playing games, learning how to cook, and hanging with Presley

    Goal: To step out of the shadow of his brother

  • Presley Mackenzie

    Age: 29

    Job: Gaming Programmer

    Hobby: Playing Games, Making Games, and Hanging with Mason

    Goal: To be seen for who she is...not who they think she should be.

Written in Ink

  • Griffin Montgomery

    Age: 29

    Job: Thriller Writer

    Trivia: He's hired and lost seven maids for his house. Those deadlines are harsh, you guys.

  • Autumn Minor

    Age: 28

    Job: Whatever she can get

    Trivia: She's lived in twenty seven different places in the past ten years.

Hidden Ink

  • Hailey Monroe

    Age: 27

    Job: Owns the Bakery named Taboo

    Trivia: She knows every friend's favorite drink though she tries to change it up sometimes for fun.

  • Sloane Gordon

    Age: 37

    Job: Tattoo Artist at Montgomery Ink

    Trivia: Tries to do every single military tattoo that walks through the shop doors.

Ink Enduring

  • Jake Gallagher

    Age: 34

    Job: Artist

    Trivia: He's best friends with Maya, used to be best friends with Border. He'll fall in love with someone else though...because he has to.

  • Maya Montgomery

    Age: 30

    Job: Co-Owner and Tattoo Artist at Montgomery Ink

    Trivia: Best friends with Jake Gallagher. Just best friends...sure...

  • Border Gentry

    Age: 34

    Job: Unknown

    Trivia: Used to be best friends with Jake before he left town.

Ink Exposed and Montgomery Midnight Kisses

  • Alexander Montgomery

    Age: 28

    Job: Photographer

    Trivia: Used to be married. Used to be a lot of things. Now what is he?

  • Tabitha Collins

    Age: 26

    Job: Administrative Assistant for Montgomery INC

    Trivia: She's from a small town in PA and has three very protective brothers.

Adoring Ink

  • Holly Rose

    Trivia: She's never jumped from a plane. Never gotten a tattoo. Never...done a lot of things.

  • Brody Deacon

    Trivia: He asked out Hailey once but Sloane wasn't too happy with that. Oops!

Love, Honor, and Ink

  • Arianna King

    Age: 27

    Job: Wedding Planner

    Trivia: She is the daughter of a King...or at least a man who think's he's King of everything he touches.

  • Harper Rosso

    Age: 30

    Job: Construction Worker/Restorer

    Trivia: He not only works with Wes and Storm, but he is also Alex and Brody's good friend. Not to mention the fact he's Arianna's neighbor and BFF...

Inked Expressions

  • Everly Law

    Age: 32

    Job: Owns the bookshop Beneath the Cover

    Trivia: She's a mom to twin boys and owns a bookshop. Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of?

  • Storm Montgomery

    Age: 34

    Job: Architect at Montgomery Inc.

    Trivia: He knows more than he's saying...but do you know anything about him?


  • Grayson Cleary

    Age: 28

    Job: Mechanic

    Trivia: Lives in Denver and works with Brody from Adoring Ink

  • Kate St. Dalton

    Age: 27

    Job: Dental Administrative Assistant

    Trivia: Was the Valedictorian of Catfish Creek High's Class of '07.

Executive Ink

  • Ashlynn Kelly

    Age: 33

    Job: CFO of Major Corporation

    Trivia: Might be a shoe'll just have to see her closet to find out.

  • Jax Regan

    Age: 35

    Job: Tattoo Artist

    Trivia: Used to work at a tattoo shop in Atlanta before being hired on by Austin and Maya.

Inked Memories

  • Jillian Reid

    Age: 36

    Job: Plumber

    Trivia: She's just fine on her own. Seriously.

  • Wes Montgomery

    Age: 34

    Job: Lead Contractor at Montgomery Inc.

    Trivia: Wears a suit and tie whenever he can...only he can't often.

Inked Nights

Second Chance Ink

Inked Kingdom