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The Branded Packs Series

About the Branded Packs Series

Twenty-five years has passed since the Verona Virus nearly wiped out human civilization. It was only when the shifters reluctantly came out of hiding to offer their blood as an antidote that the virus was brought to a halt.

Instead of creating harmony between the two species, however, the humans took control. The shifters found themselves branded, collared, and forced to live like animals. The Canine, Ursine, and Feline compounds are small, territorial, and on the edge of extinction. Each Pack is suffering from infighting and even worse the humans keep finding ways to enforce new laws that threaten their very existence.

The Alphas and other hierarchy are the only ones that stand in the way of their people’s death.

Or are they?

Branded Packs Characters

Stolen and Forgiven

Abandoned and Unseen

  • Cole McDermott

    Species: Jaguar Shifter

    Age: 28

    Title: Tracker

  • Anya Dare

    Species: Bear Shifter

    Age: 32

    Title: Foreseer's Caretaker

Buried and Shadowed

  • Gibson Barton

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Age: 35

    Title: Omega and Tattoo Artist

  • Mandy Calhoun

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Age: 22

    Title: Submissive

  • Oliver Dare

    Species: Bear Shifter

    Age: 34

    Title: Foreseer