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The Ravenwood Coven Series

About the Ravenwood Coven Series

“Where magic is might, but not always right.” –An Unknown Ravenwood Ancestor
The sleepy town of Ravenwood knows to keep its secrets from the outside world. Magic is an unspoken boon and threat when it comes to those who have lived within its borders since birth.
After generations, there is but one Ravenwood witch remaining, the family line dying out after tragedy, mistakes, and war.
A darker threat draws near as a hidden witch finds her path and a forgotten witch remembers her past. As three become one, their fate entwined with the soul of another, the town of Ravenwood will be forever changed.

Ravenwood Coven Characters

Dawn Unearthed

  • Rome Baker

    Species: Bear Shifter

    Age: 28

    Title: You'll see....

  • Sage Reed

    Species: Witch

    Age: 24

    Title: Witch - But what is her element?

Dusk Unveiled

Evernight Unleashed