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The Dante’s Circle Series

About the Dante’s Circle Series

When seven women get struck by lightning, they’ll find out fate isn’t what they thought and now they will all turn into different paranormal creatures. Angels, leprechauns, pixies, brownies, djinn, dragons, bears shifters, and many others will come together when the magic of their blood is revealed.

Humans aren’t as alone as they choose to believe. Every human possesses a trait of supernatural that lays dormant within their genetic make-up. Centuries of diluting and breeding have allowed humans to think they are alone and untouched by magic. But what happens when something changes?

Dante’s Circle Characters

Dust of My Wings

  • Lily Banner

    Species: Human – for now

    Age: 25

    Trivia: Counts her steps and won’t step on cracks. But don’t worry. Shade is helping her live in the moment.

  • Shade Griffin

    Species: Angel

    Age: ~1000

    Trivia: Once flew to the top of the Eiffel Tower to place a rose for a certain green-eyed beauty.

Her Warriors’ Three Wishes

  • Balin Drake

    Species: Demon

    Age: 299

    Trivia: Doesn’t take souls like a demon should … Oh, and loves to pin his lovers against walls. *wink*

  • Jamie Bennett

    Species: Human – for now

    Age: 24

    Trivia: Can read a novel in an hour and loves romance novels more than chocolate.

  • Ambrose Griffin

    Species: Angel

    Age: 5000

    Trivia: He’s a weapons collector, but for some reason, Jamie finds it hilarious. Curious.

An Unlucky Moon

  • Hunter Brooks

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Age: 60

    Trivia: Is the Beta of the Nocturne Pack and has better senses than most wolves.

  • Becca Quinn

    Species: Human – for now

    Age: 30

    Trivia: Can trip over her own feet, but don’t comment on it. Ever. That means you Faith.

His Choice

  • Leslie Masterson

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Age: 40

    Trivia: Grew up as the punching bag for her brother Dorian. She’s not that wolf any longer. No matter what they say.

  • Fawkes

    Species: Demon

    Age: 20

    Trivia: Youngest son of Lucifer.

Tangled Innocence

  • Jace Goodwin

    Species: Bear Shifter

    Age: 120

    Trivia: Is the Mediator for all shifters and loves his Dragon. If only he’d known where she was…

  • Nadie Morgan

    Species: Human – for now

    Age: 23

    Trivia: She may be quiet … but she can be loud if she has to.

  • Dante Bell

    Species: Dragon

    Age: 10000

    Trivia: Tattooed, Pierced (no, you’ll have to read to find out where), and waiting for them.

Fierce Enchantment

  • Levi Hughes

    Species: Wizard

    Age: 430

    Trivia: He sacrificed everything for a woman he barely knew. But will it be enough?

  • Faith Sanders

    Species: Human – for now

    Age: 29

    Trivia: So they call her a bitch … who cares. Don’t mess with her and she won’t mess with you … much. *winks*

An Immortal’s Song

  • Tristan Archer

    Species: Fae

    Age: 900

    Trivia: He's a member of the Conclave and a Royal of his people. Now only to figure out how to take the next step...

  • Amara Young

    Species: Human – for now

    Age: 28

    Trivia: She’s more fragile than you think, but don’t tell her that.

  • Seth Oceanus

    Species: Merman

    Age: 35

    Trivia: He's a warrior of his people...and a little more innocent than the others expected.

Prowled Darkness

  • Malik Ward

    Species: Lion Shifter

    Age: 38

    Trivia: He's a Prince and will sacrifice anything he has for his people...even the idea of a mate he will never have.

  • Eliana Sawyer

    Species: Human – for now

    Age: 26

    Trivia: Likes fire. A lot. Oh and cats. But shhh … that last part is a secret.