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The Gallagher Brothers Series

About the Gallagher Brothers Series

A New Contemporary Romance series from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan.

The Gallagher Brothers are bearded, broody, single, and inked—and perfectly happy that way. When one of the four of them finds love in the most unexpected of ways, its time for the remaining three to figure out what they want.

The Gallagher Brothers series is a spin off of the Montgomery Ink series and just as hot, angst-filled, and emotional as the Montgomerys. Only these three guys have been through their own hells and want nothing to do with happy ever afters…or so they think.

Each book is a complete stand alone and can be read in any order.

Gallagher Brothers Characters

Love Restored

  • Graham Gallagher

    Age: 38

    Job: Construction Foreman at Gallagher Brothers Restoration

    Trivia: He's the strength of his family. Yet at some point he'll have to learn to lean on someone.

  • Blake Brennen

    Age: 32

    Job: Tattoo Artist and Piercer at Montgomery Ink

    Trivia: Has a secret or two but that's for a reason.

Passion Restored

  • Liz McKinley

    Age: 28

    Job: ER Nurse

    Trivia: She has everything under control and certainly doesn't need Owen freaking Gallagher's help.

  • Owen Gallagher

    Age: 32

    Job: Construction Manager

    Trivia: He's the organized one of his family. He even organizes his organizer daily. Just don't make fun of him for it. Okay?

Hope Restored

  • Tessa Stone

    Age: 28

    Job: Administrator

    Trivia: Pencil skirts by day...anything goes by night.

  • Murphy Gallagher

    Age: 30

    Job: Architect

    Trivia: He had cancer as a child but that's not going to stop him now. No matter what people think.