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The Aspen Pack Series

About the Aspen Pack Series

The Aspen Pack was once the enemy. Now they’re on the front lines and the only Pack that can protect the world from what’s coming.
Over thirty years ago, Packs of the Pacific North West thought they got rid of the demons threatening their world.
They were wrong.
Now the Aspens must sacrifice everything they’ve built in order to protect those who need it most.
They are the shifters who have hidden from other Packs for a reason—but no there is no place to hide.
Only a place to fight…and for salvation.

Aspen Pack Characters

Etched in Honor

  • Gavin Powers

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Age: 95

    Title: Aspen Pack Tracker

  • Audrey Porter

    Species: Lion Shifter

    Age: 85

    Title: Aspen Pack Beta

Hunted in Darkness

  • Chase Leyne

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Age: 55

    Title: Aspen Pack Alpha

  • Skye Anderson

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Age: 27

    Title: Redwood Pack Runner and Solider

Mated in Chaos

  • Cole Levin

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Age: 35

    Title: Central Pack Alpha

  • Adalyn Anthea

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Age: 90

    Title: Aspen Pack Soldier

  • Nico Jamenson

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Age: 28

    Title: Redwood Pack Soldier

Harbored in Silence

  • Dara Ackers

    Species: Witch

    Age: 28

    Title: Harvester Death Witch

  • Cruz McDonald

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Age: 80

    Title: Aspen Pack Heir

Marked in Flames

  • Jade Darby

    Species: Witch

    Title: Coven Leader

  • Steele Conner

    Species: Wolf Shifter

    Title: Enforcer of the Aspen Pack