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About the Less Than Series

The Carr siblings have always been a unit. No matter what came at them, they stood together, even if they didn’t always get along. Of course, that means they’re always in each other’s business. When one of them falls in love, the other three are sure to follow, even when they’re adamantly against it. After all, their parents were the worse example of a stable relationship. Why would they risk what they have now for what could surely fall apart and ruin everything later?

Chance encounters of the sequined kind, best friends who aren’t really just your friend, and childhood meet cutes that are anything but cute force the Carr siblings to face what life has brought them. Again.

Less Than Characters

Breathless With Her

  • Erin Taborn

    Age: 26

    Job: Cake Decorator

    Strength: Her devotion to her friends

    Weakness: Her past devotion to her ex husband

  • Devin Carr

    Age: 34

    Job: Post office worker

    Strength: His family

    Weakness: His inability to say no

Reckless With You

  • Amelia Carr

    Age: 26

    Job: Landscape Architect

    Strength: Her family

    Weakness: Her family

  • Tucker Reinhard

    Age: 32

    Job: Diagnostic Radiologist

    Strength: His friends

    Weakness: His friends

Shameless With Him