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What do you mean by reading order?

If you’re new to my books and want to start with the newer series, the perfect place to start in contemporary romance is One Way Back to Me and Bittersweet Promises!

And if you’re in the mood for paranormal romances, then begin with Etched in Honor.

All of my contemporary and paranormal books are standalones and can be picked up at any point in time and read in any order. However, a few are set in the same universe.

Each individual series order is listed on each book page, on the series page, and on the bookshelf page.

If you’d like to read the Montgomery Ink series (aka the Montgomery Family ONLY) in order, it goes:

  • Montgomery Ink Denver (Original)
  • Montgomery Ink Colorado Springs
  • Montgomery Ink Boulder
  • Montgomery Ink Fort Collins
  • Montgomery Ink Legacy

Every contemporary romance I’ve written is set in the same world, however, each series is stand alone. While you truly do not need to, if you’d like to read any of my contemporary books in timeline order across series, you can go by the Timeline Order, or the order below if you’d like to binge read each series individually. (This is my favorite way!) This way lets you get the intros for any side characters but doesn’t truly spoil any parings and HEAs you love.

  • Montgomery Ink Denver
  • Gallagher Brothers
  • Whiskey and Lies
  • Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs
  • Fractured Connections
  • On My Own
  • Less Than
  • Montgomery Ink: Boulder
  • Promise Me
  • Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins
  • The Wilder Brothers
  • Montgomery Ink Legacy
  • First Time
  • The Cage Family

As for my paranormal romances:
The three main Pack series are set in the same world in timeline order, but all other series are set in their own worlds and not connected.

  • The Redwood Pack
  • The Talon Pack
  • The Aspen Pack

Then you can read these individual series in any order you choose as they are not connected:

  • Ravenwood Coven
  • Dante’s Circle
  • Elements of Five
  • Holiday, Montana
  • Branded Packs


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