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International Blogger and Newsletter Sign Ups

January 15, 2021

Big things are happening in the world of Carrie Ann’s books! Below are sign ups for blogger, review, and newsletter perks for French, Italian, and German editions of Carrie Ann’s books!

Carrie Ann Ryan – en français: Vous voulez vous tenir au courant des livres de Carrie Ann Ryan? Inscrivez-vous à sa newsletter! Êtes-vous un blogueur ou un critique? Inscrivez-vous pour recevoir les premiers exemplaires des livres de Carrie Ann Ryan pour examen!

Carrie Ann Ryan in Italiano: Se vuoi rimanere aggiornato su nuovi libri o promozioni, sentiti libero di iscriverti alla newsletter di Carrie Ann. Ti interessa essere un blogger e revisore per Carrie Ann Ryan? Registrati qui!

Carrie Ann Ryan auf Deutsch: Falls ihr über neue bücher oder rabattaktionen auf dem laufenden bleiben wollt, könnt ihr euch gerne für Carrie Ann’s newsletter anmelden. Interessieren Sie sich für das Überprüfen und Bloggen von Carrie Ann Ryan? Hier anmelden!

Preorder Alert: Dusk Unveiled

January 11, 2021

I’m so excited to return paranormal romance this year and into the next with the Ravenwood Coven series! The second book in the series, Dusk Unveiled, is now up for preorder and will be out in Jan 2022! The first book in the series, Dawn Unearthed, releases in Aug 2021!

I cannot wait for you to meet my world of witches, shifters, and magic is might, but not always right…

Inked Devotion Cover Reveal!

January 10, 2021

I’m so in love with the romantic storylines and how they feed into the romantic covers of this series! I hope you’re ready for more Montgomery Ink! A new family, a new family feud, and heartbreaking romance I love! Inked Devotion (Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins) releases in 2021! The new series begins with Inked Persuasion on Feb 8th!

The Montgomery Ink saga from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with a road trip romance between two friends running from their past.

Brenna Garrett watched her best friend fall in love with another woman all the while keeping his darkest secrets from her. Now she’ll have to figure out who she is without him while not letting the rest of the Montgomerys see her break.

When her family forces her on a road trip, she finds herself bringing Benjamin Montgomery with her. The problem? He’s her best friend’s twin, so there’s no escaping that familiar face.

Benjamin didn’t want to leave his family in a lurch, but Brenna isn’t the only one who needs a break. Only a drunken mistake leads to a night of passion with unintended consequences.

When it turns out they can’t walk away, they’ll have to make a choice: remain just friends or start something new and possibly risk everything.

Including themselves.

Preorder Inked Persuasion in Audio!

December 29, 2020

Good news! You can now preorder Inked Persuasion on Audible and Amazon Audio! Feb 9th is almost here and the Montgomerys are waiting! There is also a bonus epilogue included in the audio with Aaron Shedlock and Emma Wilder!

The Montgomery Ink saga from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with a steamy new series.

Years ago, Annabelle Montgomery married not for love but for a promise of hope. When she lost him weeks later, she told herself she never needed those sentiments again. Only when she discovers years later that her new neighbor is her late husband’s brother, Annabelle finds she can’t quite shake the emotions she’s long since buried.

Jacob Queen vowed he’d never set eyes on Annabelle again. When they’re forced into each other’s lives once more, they realize that no matter how far they run, no distance can keep them apart forever. More than ghosts lay between them, and when they finally give in to temptation, walking away whole may no longer be an option.

**There is a bonus epilogue exclusively in the audio and ebook editions!**

Read A Very Montgomery Christmas Today!

December 14, 2020

I’m so excited to share this special bonus romance in the Montgomery world! If you want to catch up on how the Boulder Montgomerys are doing, you can now in this cheese and baby filled novella for only $0.99! Read A Very Montgomery Christmas today and see what happens when the Montgomerys try to host a holiday party when things don’t turn out exactly as they wanted.

It’s holiday time with the Boulder Montgomerys and there are more than a few changes coming. Between family dinners, various cheese boards, late nights, and dramatic announcements, the family that has stayed together no matter the cost proves just what makes them special this holiday season.

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