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Strength Enduring Release Day!

July 17, 2018

Happy Release Day to Strength Enduring (Talon Pack Book 8)! Don’t miss Dhani and Kameron’s story in the ongoing saga of the Talon Pack and their war to keep their Pack safe from the Alpha of the Aspens. Major things happen in this book and I cannot wait for you to read!

More info on Strength Enduring

In the penultimate novel of the Talon Pack series from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan, an Enforcer must make the ultimate choice when it comes to a human woman with a secret she doesn’t know she holds.

Kameron Brentwood has only one thing on his mind: defeating the enemy. He doesn’t have time for a human woman who sets his teeth on edge and makes his wolf prowl. It shouldn’t matter that she’s his mate because he’s always thought that mating is a distraction. Yet as soon as he gets to know the woman, he figures out that there’s no hiding from the attraction he feels for her.

Dhanielle Coburn has always been on the outside looking in when it comes to the Talon Pack, but she’s not about to let fate and the moon goddess decide her path for her. If and when she takes Kameron as a mate, it will be her choice. Yet when she suddenly finds herself in the Pack’s inner sanctum, deeper than she ever thought possible, she has to fight not only her need for the man in front of her but also a hidden secret about her family she didn’t even know she had.

When the choice is pulled from both of their hands, the two will need to learn who they are apart, and who they can be together. Because there’s more to mating than a mark and a prophecy that has come back to haunt them. And even though they may be fated, the ultimate sacrifice just might take them both in the end.

Read today!

The Dante’s Circle Series Gets a New Look!

July 5, 2018

The Dante’s Circle series revolves around seven women who get struck by lightning, so I figured it was time the covers reflected the power of the women in the book and the strength they bring to these romances! Check them out here!

All of the covers should be updated on eBooks soon and print will be any day now. If you’d like the old covers in print, this is the time to do so as soon they will be unavailable. Audio will be changing any moment now as well!

I hope you love this series as much as I do, and as much as many readers have in the past. If you love paranormal romance, shifters, fantasy, a little fae, a little magic, a few angels, a demon or two, and a few surprises, this series is for you!

These women are fierce, loyal, smart, and survivors.

Happy Reading!


Whiskey Undone Blurb Reveal

June 27, 2018

Want to know what happens with Loch and Ainsley in Whiskey Undone (Whiskey and Lies Book 3) in November? Here’s a tease with the blurb reveal! Don’t forget to preorder!

Two best friends follow a dangerous and seductive path in the final standalone novel of the bestselling Whiskey and Lies series from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan.

Ainsley Harris has always kept a secret from her best friend. She’s stood by his side, helped him raise his daughter, and tried to keep her distance even though she’s been in love with him for years. She knows he has secrets of his own and she’s not willing to chance what they have on a possibility.

Loch Collins has hidden himself and his past from the world for good reason. Darkness always comes back to haunt those who fight against it, and he knows better than most. One night of temper, however, forces him to realize his true feelings for Ainsley—for better or worse.

But Loch’s former allies aren’t on his side anymore, and now not only is his life and the life of his daughter on the line, but Ainsley is in the crosshairs, as well. Together, two best friends must fight for each other and their small town, because Whiskey has never burned brighter. And danger, it seems, is ever lurking.


Inked Nights is LIVE!

June 26, 2018

Today is the release day for Inked Nights (A Montgomery Ink Romance)! I’m so excited for you to read this sweet and sexy romance set in the Montgomery Ink world. Don’t miss Derek and Olivia’s book!

Whiskey Reveals Is LIVE!

June 12, 2018

Whiskey Reveals (Whiskey and Lies Book 2) is now out in the world in eBook, Audio, and Print! Fox and Melody’s story is a heart-pounding and twisty romantic suspense novel that’ll take you in on a ride. Head back to Whiskey today and check out Whiskey Reveals!

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