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Audio Preorder Alert: Inked Devotion

September 14, 2021

You can finally preorder the audio book for Inked Devotion (Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins Book 3)! Aaron Shedlock and Emma Wilder did a fantastic job and I’m thrilled that we’re almost able to hear their work! Inked Devotion will release in audio, ebook, and paperback on Oct 26th!

The Montgomery Ink saga from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with a road trip romance between two friends running from their past.

Brenna Garrett needs time to think about a major decisions, but finds herself bringing Benjamin Montgomery with her. The problem? He’s her best friend’s twin, so there’s no escaping that familiar face.

Benjamin didn’t want to leave his family in a lurch, but Brenna isn’t the only one who needs a break. Only a drunken mistake leads to a night of passion with unintended consequences.

When it turns out they can’t walk away, they’ll have to make a choice: remain just friends or start something new and possibly risk everything.

Including themselves.

Cover Reveal: Inked Craving!

September 13, 2021

When I first saw this photo I KNEW it was for Paige Montgomery. Now…did I know her hero? Nope. Yet I knew this was Paige. I am just SOOOOO giddy for this book. Like….Paige is just…gah EVERYTHING.
Inked Craving (Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins Book 4) Coming Feb 15th, 2022! Preorder today!

This is Paige Montgomery’s romance with ______. Want to find her hero? Well, you’ll have to first read Inked Devotion for that. No Spoilers! Blurb to be revealed soon!

My Next Play is HERE!

September 7, 2021

My Next Play (On My Own Book 3) is here! I’ve been dying to share all of my secrets with my geeky, kinky hero and my romance author heroine! If you’ve been waiting to read the series, this is the perfect time to binge! yay!

What happens when you fall for your best friend, but they fall in love with someone else? Nothing is what it seems in this unrequited love, new adult romance.

Miles knew Nessa never had eyes for him.  Only when someone new tries to hurt her, he knows he can’t stand back any longer. It’s time she finds out the man he is behind the glasses and beneath the shell he wrapped himself in.

But now he has to hope that once she sees the real him, she’ll stay. Because he doesn’t want to let go, even if someone else tries to make that choice for them both.

Check out the first chapter of My Next Play!

September 5, 2021

My Next Play (On My Own Book 3) releases Sept 7th! Now you can read the entire first chapter get get you ready! Miles and Nessa are almost here!


Check out the cover for DUSK UNVEILED!

August 23, 2021

I am so excited to share the cover for Dusk Unveiled (Ravenwood Coven Book 2)! I cannot wait to show off my fire witch and hawk shifter romance that made me swoon, scream, and cry! Ahh! Dusk Unveiled will release on Amazon into Kindle Unlimited on Jan 13th!

It will be available on Nook, Kobo, Apple Books, and Google Play on Jan 11th for 24 hours before it goes into KU! Don’t miss out on this new paranormal romance!

NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues her magical paranormal series where a town keeps its secrets, but an aging curse might just be their downfall.

The Christopher curse is one of legend—so old that every new generation knows they will be touched by it. With every spell muttered, every magical pull needed to save her town, Laurel Christopher knows she’s one step closer to burning to ash and leaving those she loves behind. She’ll fight with all she has to protect her people—and the man she loves—but she might not have enough strength remaining to save herself.

Jaxton Dark lost his best friend to the necromancer attacking Ravenwood but refuses to lose his mate to a curse that could take them both. He’s well aware of the loss calling them, but before he can stand up for those he loves, a betrayal cuts him to the core.

Sacrifice was always an inevitability when it comes to the curse that threatens their fate. Yet it’s only when the darkness makes a subtle and surprising move that star-crossed lovers, Laurel and Jaxton, will truly find out the meaning of who they could be and what they must give up to survive.

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