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Preorder Alert: The Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins Collection

May 31, 2023

Readers have been begging for a box set for the Fort Collins series as they catch up on my backlist and now you don’t have to wait much longer! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these collection covers and I’m so thrilled that you can preorder this collection for a VERY discounted price. Don’t miss out though, because the price goes up to normal at the end of release week! This collection will also release in audio with Aaron Sheldock and Emma Wilder, and will probably do so early, so don’t miss!

About The Montgomery Ink: Fort Collins Collection

The Montgomery Ink Fort Collins series begins with two second chance romances from the heart and have all the heat.

Inked Persuasion

Years ago, Annabelle Montgomery married not for love but for a promise of hope. When she lost him weeks later, she told herself she never needed those sentiments again. Only when she discovers years later that her new neighbor is her late husband’s brother, Annabelle finds she can’t quite shake the emotions she’s long since buried.

Jacob Queen vowed he’d never set eyes on Annabelle again. When they’re forced into each other’s lives once more, they realize that no matter how far they run, no distance can keep them apart forever. More than ghosts lay between them, and when they finally give in to temptation, walking away whole may no longer be an option.

Inked Obsession

When men in uniform showed up on Eliza Wilder-Strong’s doorstep, she knew her life would be irrevocably altered. She not only lost her husband, but the future she’d carefully planned. A year later, she’s looking to start over—beginning with a solo healing vacation. Only she never expects to see a familiar, tempting face along the way.

Beckett Montgomery refuses to want his little sister’s best friend—especially because she’s a widow. Yet there’s no stopping the connection between them. As the temptation to give in intensifies, so do the reasons they shouldn’t stay together.

Painful ghosts from both of their pasts stand in their way and sometimes it’s the living that can haunt you when you’re not looking.

Preorder Alert: Best Friend Temptation

May 30, 2023

I just turned Best Friend Temptation (A Montgomery Ink Legacy Romance) to my editor and AHHHHH. I really love this book. Sometimes I’ll turn in a book and know that I’m scared and need to change a few things, or know that I’m worried because it’s too close to my heart. But this one? I LOVED writing it. Which means I’m REALLY scared about what y’all with thing! This is a MMF with Noah, Greer, and Ford. Noah is the son of the first triad from Montgomery Ink and I hadn’t even realized it until I was figuring out who he needed to be with! His best friend and the girl next door. AND this book shows off Ford’s siblings and Greer’s siblings. Yep…this book has TWO cross over series coming in 2024 and 2025. I’m that evil haha.

You can preorder their romance in eBook, paperback, and special edition. Plus sign up for audio alerts when I have the preorder ready for that one too!

Now…what about the tropes?

Friends to Lovers

Menage / Poly / Why Choose

Roommates to Lovers

Fling Romance

Crossing Swords


I can’t love you unless I love myself

I can’t stand in your way but I love you both

About Best Friend Temptation:

The Montgomery Ink Legacy series continues with a forbidden romance between two best friends and the woman they both crave. Ford, Noah, and Greer aren’t ready for what happens next.

I fell for my best friend long before I knew what that meant. Only I know he’ll never love me back.

He’s stuck in his head and his past demons and can’t see what is right in front of him.

But when Greer loses her home and needs a place to stay, both Noah and I know the only place she belongs is with us—in every way possible.

Now I’m falling for both of my roommates and trying to keep the people I protect safe.

Only someone is coming for them, and I can’t stop the inevitable fall.

I just have to hope that we made the right choices and that one day soon Noah and Greer will finally see who we can be.

Before we lose it all…or I finally walk away for good.

Preorder Alert: Marked in Flames

May 29, 2023

This book was so hard to write because I knew it was the last one. Yes, you read that right Marked in Flames is the final book in the Aspen Pack series and the final paranormal romance I’ll be writing for the foreseeable future. That means Steele and Jade’s romance had to be hot, chaotic, and explosive. And I’m pretty sure I made that happen with tears running down my face. You can preorder their romance in eBook, paperback, and hardcover. Plus sign up for audio alerts when I have the preorder ready for that one too!

Now…what about the tropes?

Fated Mates

Starcrossed Lovers

Tortured Hero

Forced Mating


Shifter Romance

Witchy Romance

Girl Power Romance


About Marked in Flames:

My mate rejected me, leaving me broken. I refuse to let that happen again—even if Steele is the one for me.

I hold the power of flame and future in my hands, but I know the world is watching. Waiting for us to fall.

The truth and lies that bind the Aspen Pack together are crumbling and I am to bear witness to its fate.

I know the Enforcer of the Aspens is my mate.

Yet neither of us want what fate decrees.

So, we’ll fight side by side and ignore the burning attraction between us.

Only when a traitor rocks the foundation of all we know, we might not have a choice to who we cling to in despair.

The vampires were only the pawns in this war.

The demons are on their way.

And if we’re not careful, the Aspen Pack could lose someone that breaks them.

And I could lose my mate.




Important Update about Aspen Pack Series …

Pre-orders for the series on Apple, Nook, Kobo, & Google Play will be released a few days earlier on those retailers for 24 hours and then will release directly into Kindle Unlimited on Amazon!

If you want to read these books on any of the above retailers please get your preorder in.

Preorder Alert: Stay Here with Me

May 28, 2023

Y’all!! I just heard a snippet from the audio on Stay Here with Me (A Wilder Brother Romance) and burst into tears. Meg Sylvan is capturing the heroine perfectly!! Lark is my first singer/songwriter ever and because of that, there are some lyrics and songs I wrote for this book that just…UGH I am so happy right now! And as for East Wilder? Oh boy…his demons are dark. He’s a mess. He’s growly. And he’s the worst sometimes. And I love him. You can preorder in eBook, paperback, and special edition right now. Plus sign up for audio alerts when I have the preorder ready for that one too!

Now…what about the tropes?

Enemies with Benefits


Tortured Hero

Military Romance


Stalker On the Prowl


About Stay Here with Me:

The Wilder Brothers from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with a secret romance that East and Lark never saw coming.

The world thinks I only write songs about my ex-boyfriends.

They study each lyric to point a finger at which man broke my heart—even if I’ve never met him.

Only the man I refuse to write about is the one who is so tangled in my mind that I know I can never be with him.

I had one night with East Wilder, and I know that’s all there will ever be.

He broke my heart without even trying.

Yet now I can’t seem to write a single verse and I need a place to hide while I figure out who I am. The Wilder Retreat will have to be my refuge as the Wilders prepare for my best friend’s wedding.

And when I’m there, I refuse to fall for East again.

Even if the dark shadows in his eyes draw me in and the dangers of his past might be the one thing that forces us to finally give in.

Preorder Alert: Longtime Crush

May 27, 2023

Sebastian Montgomery has been a fan favorite since the start of the series and now it’s his time to shine! Or brood. Whatever comes first. You haven’t met his heroine yet, but Raven? Yeah…she might be one of my favorite heroines. This book has a slight time jump so we see Sebastian in his element, still guarded, still waiting. And Raven? She’s freaking amazing and has a few secrets of her own. You can preorder their book in ebook, paperback, special edition, and audio right now! Plus the patreon cover for this one is AMAZING.

Now…what about the tropes?

Single Dad


Best Friend’s Widow

Friends to Lovers

Neighbors to Lovers

Accidental Dating

About Longtime Crush:

When my best friend and I fell for the same guy in middle school, I stepped back.

I’d always expected to dance at their wedding.

Not sit in the back pew of her funeral.

I left town for my own reasons, but now that I’m back, it’s clear Sebastian Montgomery isn’t the same man I left.

He’s hard. Broken.

And a single father to an adorable little girl.

When it turns out he’s my new neighbor, I can’t stay away.

But I know I’m playing with fire and the heat between us burns enough to scorch.

I thought I was over my crush.

But now it might crush me.

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