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My Next Play’s Cover is HERE!

December 13, 2020

Gasp! I’m so in love with the cover for My Next Play (An On My Own Novel)! I can’t wait for you to meet my Geeky Hero and Writer Heroine in this new series! I’m swooning over here and waiting for Sept 7th!!

If you love sexy heroes who need to protect those in their charge and complex heroines who can stand on their own and fight for those they love, this series is for you! Each book is a stand alone!

What happens when you fall for your best friend, but they fall in love with someone else? Nothing is what it seems in this unrequited love, new adult romance.

I thought I loved him.

I fell for my best friend and thought he loved me. When he broke my heart, I tried to find happiness again, but they shattered me in a different way.

As my life is falling apart, however, I find myself leaning on the one person I shouldn’t. The one person I thought could only be my friend.

I thought Miles Fraser was my quiet and nerd-loving friend until I needed him the most and he stepped up. Now I can’t stop thinking about him.

Only I made that mistake before and I don’t know if I’m strong enough to risk it again.

I never thought she’d see me.

I knew Nessa Carlan loved our friend and never had eyes for me. I sat back and watched her fall for someone else because she could never be for me.

But when someone tries to hurt her, I know I can’t stand back any longer.

It’s time she finds out the man I am behind the glasses and beneath the shell I wrapped myself in.

I just hope once she sees the real me, she’ll stay. Because I don’t want to let go, even if someone else tries to make that choice for us.

From Our First is here!

December 8, 2020

I’m thrilled to show off this secret marriage, secret divorce, surprise blind date, grumpy hero romance! From Our First is the final book in the Promise Me series and that means it’s time to binge! If you’ve been waiting to read all four couples in a row, this is the time to do it! Yay for Myra and Nate!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan concludes her steamy contemporary stand-alone series with a secret that no one saw coming.
Nate Brady and Myra West have been keeping a secret, though not just from their group—also from each other. Getting married when they were barely adults wasn’t in the cards when they made their plans for their future. Divorcing one another amidst pain and heartbreak wasn’t either.
Years have passed, wounds have scabbed over and scarred, but their anger remains.
If the two can open themselves to the impossible, they might be able to take that second chance. Only they’ll also have to fight their fears, the lies between them, and the desire they thought long gone.
Except they aren’t alone in their secrets, and if they aren’t careful, they may just be taking them to their graves.

**There is a bonus epilogue exclusively in the audio and ebook editions!**

Ink Enduring is in FRENCH!

December 7, 2020

I’m so excited to share that Maya, Jake, and Border are now in French! Read Entres les linges today!

La série Montgomery Ink continue avec un amour interdit entre trois amis et un passé auquel ils ne peuvent pas échapper.

Jake Gallagher a su dès l’instant où il a vu Maya qu’elle était faite pour lui – il ressentait la même intensité à couper le souffle que lorsqu’il avait posé les yeux sur Border pour la première fois. Seulement, la vie ne se déroule jamais comme on l’a prévu, et maintenant, voilà qu’il tombe amoureux de quelqu’un d’autre… ou du moins, c’est ce qu’il pense.
Maya Montgomery n’aurait jamais dû envisager autre chose que l’amitié qu’elle vivait déjà. À présent, elle ne cesse de penser à Jake et à ce qu’il signifie pour elle. Lorsqu’un mystérieux inconnu issu du passé de Jake débarque sur le pas de leur porte, elle est forcée d’admettre que si elle ne prend pas le risque de sa vie, elle le regrettera pour le restant de ses jours.
Border Gentry est parti sans un regard en arrière, autrefois, redoutant ce qui aurait pu se passer, mais maintenant, il est de retour et prêt à retrouver ce qu’il a perdu. Après une longue période d’errances, il a vu des choses qu’aucun homme ne devrait jamais voir, pourtant lorsqu’il redécouvre le ténébreux Jake et rencontre Maya, fougueuse et tatouée, ils lui font l’effet d’un baume à son âme, et il prend conscience du chemin que son avenir doit emprunter.

Quand quelqu’un cherche à se dresser en travers de leur chemin, leurs cœurs ne sont pas les seuls en jeu… leurs vies aussi.

Talon Pack Collector’s Editions!

November 30, 2020

To celebrate my nine year anniversary of writing, the first three books in the Talon Pack series now have COLLECTOR’S EDITIONS! These are limited in quantity, only sold in my store, and special editions! Don’t miss out before they are all gone! I love them so much!

Tattered Loyalties | An Alpha’s Choice | Mated in Mist

The Montgomery Ink Box Set is FREE!

November 29, 2020

To celebrate the holiday season, you can read the first three Montgomery Ink romances for FREE in the Montgomery Ink Box Set! Now you can start this bestselling and sprawling contemporary world for free!

Begin the Montgomery Ink series with three romances sure to fan the flames and keep you on the edge of your seats.

Ink Inspired – A Montgomery Ink Prequel

The moment Shea Little walks into his shop, Shep Montgomery knows he’ll do anything to win her heart…and get into her bed. Too bad the icy shield she puts up freezes any man who comes near. Shea has her reasons, and she’s not telling anyone, not even to a man who makes her want to swoon—something she’s never done before.
One touch can change everything; for these two, it’s only the beginning.

Ink Reunited – A Montgomery Ink Prequel

When the men from Sassy Bordeaux’s past come into her shop, she’s forced to face what she left behind and what could happen if she lets go of her pain and finds a future she deserves.

Delicate Ink – Montgomery Ink Book 1

One look at the woman who comes in for new ink and Austin Montgomery knows she’s the one for him. The problem: she can’t stand him. Now he’ll have to be his most charming and brooding if he has any chance of changing her mind…and claiming her heart.

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