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Audio Release: Dante’s Circle Box Set

August 31, 2018

SURPRISE AUDIO RELEASE! It’s another audio release! I love this series and it’s a fan favorite. If you’ve always wanted to start it out in audio, this is a great way. Yay!

3 Books ~ 1 Credit!

Start the Dante’s Circle series today with the Dante’s Circle Series today in audio!

The first three books of the bestselling Dante’s Circle series are now in one place at a special low price. Do you dare enter the world of the realms?

Dust of My Wings – Book 1
When chemist Lily Banner finds a vial of angel dust, angelic warrior Shade Griffin will have to do all in his power to protect the ancient secrets of the paranormals. Only when he finds Lily, his world shifts and his allegiance changes, forcing the ones who want Lily put down to take action. The war between the realms is on the edge of a blade and only Shade and Lily can stop it.

Her Warriors’ Three Wishes – Book 2
Jamie Bennett has known Ambrose Griffin was hers from the moment she knew things that went bump in the night were real. Ambrose has held himself back because he can’t afford to lose anything else. But when Jamie is kidnapped and sent to the hell realm, the warrior angel will not only risk a war to find her, he’ll find his heart—in Jamie and Bailin. When Bailin, a demon from hell, meets the two people who could fill his heart and his soul, he’ll need to fight for something he hasn’t felt in over a century—hope.

An Unlucky Moon – Book 3
Hunter, the wolf from hell’s games, is finally ready to mate with Becca. If only Becca were ready to forgive him. Between the Pack’s council and strangers who could take everything away from them, Becca and Hunter have more to fight and everything to fight for. Hunter’s dark past takes over their courtship, and just when he thinks all his lost, he’ll find that Becca’s more than he—or she—ever thought.

Listen today!

Audio Release: Montgomery Ink Box Set 1

August 29, 2018

SURPRISE AUDIO RELEASE! First, I’m going to drool over this cover. Second, I love the talented Gregory Salinas and OMG he did such an amazing job on this series! (In my unbiased totally biased opinion LOL)

3 Books ~ 1 Credit!

Start the Montgomery Ink series today with the Montgomery Ink Box Set in audio!

Emotional with an erotic edge, the Montgomery Ink series is ready to roll with heart-pounding drama and heated sparks ready to ignite. Between tattoo shops, construction companies, and lost loves, the Montgomery family is going to leave a mark.

Ink Inspired – Montgomery Ink Book 0.5

Shepard Montgomery loves the feel of a needle in his hands, the ink that he lays on another, and the thrill he gets when his art is finished. At least that’s the way it used to be. Once he sees Shea Little walk through his shop door for her first tattoo, he knows there’s something more to her than her prim outfits and wide eyes—he sees inspiration.

Ink Reunited – Montgomery Ink Book 0.6

When the men from Sassy Bordeau’s past walk into her tattoo shop, she’s compelled to face what she left behind. Rafe Chavez and Ian Steele will have to do more than grovel to earn back the woman they’ve always loved…and each other.

Delicate Ink – Montgomery Ink Book 1

Although wary, bearded and broody tattoo artist Austin Montgomery, and scarred-in more-ways-than-one Sierra Elder embark on a slow, tempestuous relationship. When blasts from both of their pasts intrude on their present, however, it will take more than a promise of what could be to keep them together.

Listen today!

Book Sale: Dust of My Wings is $0.99

August 26, 2018

The Dante’s Circle series is one of my first series and to celebrate my love for them and their new covers, the first book, Dust of My Wings, is only $0.99! If you’re in the mood for a seven book series where it’s all about strong women friendships and the men they fall in love with, added with a lightning strike that turns each into a new paranormal creature in a new supernatural world, then this series is for you!

Dust Of My Wings is the first book, but not the last! The entire series is available now!

Lily Banner has spent her entire life oblivious to the true secrets of the paranormal world around her. When her day job in the lab puts her in the middle of a supernatural war bubbling just beneath the surface, she finds herself in need of help—but the aid comes from a stranger with more secrets than she could possibly imagine.

Angelic warrior Shade Griffin is charged with protecting the ancient secrets of the paranormals. But when he finds Lily, his world shifts, and his allegiance changes, forcing those who want Lily eliminated to take action.

The war between the realms is on the edge of a blade, and only Shade and Lily can stop it.

Check out the new Finally Found You Cover!

August 25, 2018

Every once in awhile a cover speaks to you and when I saw artist Kari March’s work on this one, I had to claim it for myself. Presley and Mason’s friends-to-lovers story, Finally Found You is one of my favorites and it’s my ONLY stand alone romance in all 65+ books of mine! It doesn’t get as much love as my other books since we’re so deep into the Montgomery and Talon worlds, but I LOVE this book and I LOVE this new cover! It should be updated in eBook, Print, and Audio soon!

Presley Mackenzie knows she’s not supposed to fall for her best friend. She really shouldn’t fall for him—especially since he is her ex’s brother.

It doesn’t matter that her ex cheated. It doesn’t matter that she was the one to walk away.

She’s not supposed to fall for her best friend.

Even if Mason Sutton is the only one who can make her smile or laugh or feel like being herself again.

She’s not supposed to fall.

Until she does.

Jagged Ink Cover Reveal

August 22, 2018

This cover you guys! *swoon* I’ve been holding onto this cover for over a year and I cannot wait for you to read Roxie and Carter’s romance on Feb 19th, 2019! Jagged Ink (Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs 3) is going to take all of us on a wild, emotional ride and it’s about time Roxie and Carter get their true HEA! Preorder today!

The Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs series continues with a couple fighting to keep what they thought they had and gain what they didn’t know they needed.

Roxie Montgomery met her soul mate when she least expected it. When he asked her to marry her, she thought her happily ever after was only just beginning. Then, she found that walking into the sunset was much harder than her favorite books made it out to be. After a crushing loss, she feels as though she doesn’t know her husband anymore, or rather…she doesn’t know herself.

Carter Marshall has loved Roxie since the first time he saw her. But as the days pass between them, so does the distance. He doesn’t know how to show her that he’s all in, and honestly doesn’t know if she’s in at all. When an accident changes everything, they’ll have to decide if what they have can be salvaged, or if starting over is the answer. Or even possible.

Without fighting, without a true new beginning, sometimes, the remnants of what was lost can leave anyone jagged, shells of what they were before. It will take more than the idea of forever for Roxie and Carter to find themselves again, but as the Montgomerys know, nothing worth fighting for is easy.

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