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New Release Alert: Best Friend Temptation

October 30, 2023

Finally! Best Friend Temptation (Montgomery Ink Legacy Book 4) is now LIVE! You can read it in eBook, paperback, special edition, and audio with Jacob Morgan, Teddy Hamilton, and Desiree Ketchem!

The Montgomery Ink Legacy series continues with a forbidden romance between two best friends and the woman they both crave. Ford, Noah, and Greer aren’t ready for what happens next.

I fell for my best friend long before I knew what that meant. Only I know he’ll never love me back.

He’s stuck in his head and his past demons and can’t see what is right in front of him.

But when Greer loses her home and needs a place to stay, both Noah and I know the only place she belongs is with us—in every way possible.

Now I’m falling for both of my roommates and trying to keep the people I protect safe.

Only someone is coming for them, and I can’t stop the inevitable fall.

I just have to hope that we made the right choices and that one day soon Noah and Greer will finally see who we can be.

Before we lose it all…or I finally walk away for good.

Audio Preorder: Finding the Road to Us

October 18, 2023

Audio News! Finding the Road to Us (A Wilder Brothers Stand Alone) is now up for preorder in audio! Stephen Dexter, Ryan West, and Samantha Cook did a FANTASTIC JOB! You’ll be able to listen to this MMF steamy emotional romance on Dec 11th!

About Finding the Road to Us

I was ready to say, ‘I do’, then my fiancé left me at the altar.

Broken and embarrassed, Trace and Elliot helped me run away—ditching my wedding dress in the process.

When I come back to the Wilder Retreat to show the world I’m no longer hurting, I know I must ignore my traitorous needs when it comes to these two men.

Because my body wants them both.

And my soul craves them just as much.

I know I can’t choose, and part of me asks why I should.

Only when we decide to take that chance and share everything, the danger from our pasts refuses to let our choice stand.

With one kiss, one dance into temptation, we could lose everything.

Including our lives.

His Second Chance Cover Reveal

October 12, 2023

This cover!! I am so in love with my Montgomery Ink Legacy series covers and this one is no different! A second chance, forbidden romance? I am in! His Second Chance releases July 15th and is Kane Montgomery Carr and Phoebe Cage’s romance! More info to come!

Marked in Flames is LIVE

October 11, 2023

ICYMI: Marked in Flames (The FINAL Aspen Pack romance) is LIVE and FREE in KU! You can binge read the entire series in Kindle Unlimited for a few more weeks before, like the rest of my books, you will be able to read them on all platforms. I love this book, so THANK YOU for all the love for Steele and Jade!

My mate rejected me, leaving me broken. I refuse to let that happen again—even if Steele is the one for me.

I hold the power of flame and future in my hands, but I know the world is watching. Waiting for us to fall.

The truth and lies that bind the Aspen Pack together are crumbling and I am to bear witness to its fate.

I know the Enforcer of the Aspens is my mate.

Yet neither of us want what fate decrees.

So, we’ll fight side by side and ignore the burning attraction between us.

Only when a traitor rocks the foundation of all we know, we might not have a choice to who we cling to in despair.

The vampires were only the pawns in this war.

The demons are on their way.

And if we’re not careful, the Aspen Pack could lose someone that breaks them.

And I could lose my mate.


Bittersweet Promises is FREE!

September 18, 2023

Surprise! Bittersweet Promises (Montgomery Ink Legacy Book 1) is FREE for a few more days! This is Leif’s and Brooke’s book and one of my favorites EVERY! Begin the brand new series for FREE! If you’ve been waiting to read the Montgomery Ink series and don’t know where to start, THIS is the perfect place.

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