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March 20, 2021

The On My Own series is releasing this year and to start it off with a bang, I’ve released the prequel for FREE this week! My First Glance is FREE for a limited time. Don’t miss it!


See what happens before the night that changes everything in this prequel novella to My One Night by NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan.

After mistakes and false starts, Dillon Connolly thought he’d finally worked his life out. He’d almost lost everything more than once, but his new family helped settle him. Now he’s faced with another decision, a new life, and a set of roommates he didn’t know he needed.

With one glance at her, however, he has a feeling his new life is just the beginning.

Happy Release Day From Shadow and Silence!

March 10, 2021

The end of the Elements of Five series is here! From Shadow and Silence is now out! Don’t miss the finale to this epic, fantasy romance!

And don’t worry, it will release in audio with Holter Graham and Bailey Carr on April 6th for my birthday!

Read the First Chapter of From Shadow and Silence!

March 5, 2021

The end of the Elements of Five series is next week! I honestly love Lyric’s journey. It hasn’t been an easy one, but after so many years, I’m proud to announce the series is finally finishing AND you can get ready to binge read! You can now read the entire FIRST CHAPTER of From Shadow and Silence before it’s March 8th release!

And don’t worry, it will release in audio with Holter Graham and Bailey Carr on April 6th for my birthday!

Ink Reunited is now in ITALIAN!

It’s a busy week with so many Montgomerys traveling the world! You can now read Sassy, Rafe, and Ian’s romance in Italian and it’s FREE in KU! Destino a tre (Montgomery Ink 0.6) is now available!

Quando i due uomini entrano nel negozio, Sassy Bordeaux è costretta ad affrontare ciò che credeva sepolto nel passato. Sarà in grado di liberarsi dalle catene del dolore e accogliere il futuro che merita?

Rafe Chavez e Ian Steele rivivono il tempo passato con Sassy ogni volta che chiudono gli occhi. Erano andati ognuno per la sua strada, lasciandosi dietro molti rimpianti e l’unica donna che avessero mai amato.

La passione che legava i tre era sempre stata intensa, ma ora è un fuoco selvaggio. Se i tre sono fortunati, usciranno indenni dalle fiamme. E se il destino è davvero dalla loro parte, allora ne usciranno insieme.

Ink Inspired is now in GERMAN!

March 3, 2021

Ink Inspired – Tattoos und Inspiration is now available! The print cover has it’s own special edition and I love it so much! I hope you love Shep and Shea in GERMAN!

The entire series is well on it’s way to being translated, so don’t miss out on the Montgomerys in Germany!

In dem Moment, als Shea Little, sein Studio betritt, weiß Shep Montgomery, dass er alles tun wird, um ihr Herz zu gewinnen… und sie ins Bett zu kriegen.

Schade nur, dass sie einen eisigen Schutzwall um sich errichtet hat, durch den kein Mann hindurchkommt.  Shea hat ihre Gründe dafür, und sie erzählt niemandem davon, nicht einmal dem Mann, bei dem ihr die Beine weich werden – etwas, das ihr nie zuvor passiert ist.

Eine Berührung kann alles verändern.

Für diese zwei ist das erst der Anfang.

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