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Pieces of Me Cover Reveal

April 8, 2024

The rockstar and the woman he never meant to see. The Wilder Brothers continue into 2025 with Pieces of Me! You’ll be able to read Gabriel Wilder’s romance in eBook, audio, paperback, and special edition on Feb 24th, 2025! The cover makes me SOOOOO happy!

Book Bonanza Preorder & Cover Reveal

February 17, 2024

Are you going to Book Bonanza this year?

Make sure you preorder the 10 year Anniversary Edition of DELICATE INK!

This is the ONLY signing this book will be available at this year.

There are two versions:

A soft matte paperback AND a special wrap hardcover with a surprise laminate cover underneath

Austin Montgomery began an entire world that changed my life and I cannot wait for you to have this version at Book Bonanza! Supplies are limited, so make sure you preorder as I cannot guarantee I will have any at my table that day.

I also have a signing bundle AND bundles for EACH of my series at a discount. And each preorder will come with a special tote.

Thank you so much for everything and happy 10 years, DELICATE INK!

Good Time Boyfriend is LIVE!

January 21, 2024

Happy Release Day to Good Time Boyfriend (The First Time Series Book 1)! I am so in love with this series and I cannot wait for you to meet Heath and Devney! This is my most rom-com, light hearted series to date and you will get ALL THREE books this year!

Happy Reading!

Devney needs a fake boyfriend for the night and I’m all too eager to play along.

But when the sun rises, reality settles in and I know I want more. Only I don’t think she’s ready for what I have to give.

I want to be more than a good time, but I know what I’m good for. I need control. And she’s far too innocent.

When one fake date with Heath turns into two, our relationship becomes all too real. Hard. Fast. And everything I didn’t realize I needed.

But I don’t know how to tell him I want it all.

Even when the world comes crashing back into focus all too soon.

Finding the Road to Us is LIVE!

December 11, 2023

Finding the Road to Us (The Wilder Brothers Book 6) is LIVE! I hope you love this MMF, Jilted Bride, Emotional, Steamy Romance!

I was ready to say, ‘I do’, then my fiancé left me at the altar.

Broken and embarrassed, Trace and Elliot helped me run away—ditching my wedding dress in the process.

When I come back to the Wilder Retreat to show the world I’m no longer hurting, I know I must ignore my traitorous needs when it comes to these two men.

Because my body wants them both.

And my soul craves them just as much.

I know I can’t choose, and part of me asks why I should.

Only when we decide to take that chance and share everything, the danger from our pasts refuses to let our choice stand.

With one kiss, one dance into temptation, we could lose everything.

Including our lives.

Now Live: The Wilder Brothers Collection

November 20, 2023

Surprise! The Wilder Brothers Collection is now LIVE and is only $0.99 until Friday! And you can get it in ebook and audio! And the audio is only 1 credit for 3 books!

Introducing the Wilder Brothers.

Ten sexy, built, slightly overprotective brothers.Ten women who won’t back down in order to protect those they love.

When the Wilder brothers return home after leaving the military and the lives they fought to build, they’ll have to start from scratch and create roots when they had none before. They’re moving to a new state, a new town, and with a new set of problems they never expected. Falling in love along the way isn’t in the cards, but the Wilder brothers should know by now—you don’t choose your fate, fate chooses you.

This set includes:

A Night for Us

One Way Back to Me

Always the One for Me


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