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Bittersweet Promises Cover Reveal

June 6, 2022

AHHH! The next generation is all grown up and ready for their HEAs. I cannot wait for the MONTGOMERY INK LEGACY series to begin with Bittersweet Legacy. Are your ready for Leif and Brooke’s romance?

New York Times Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan returns with the next generation of Montgomerys and a second chance romance bound in memory and heat.

Leif Montgomery fell hard for Brooke Alder in Paris when they were young, and he thought their fling was just an early taste of what life had in store for him.

But life had other plans, and he didn’t find that kind of love—or see Brooke’s face—for years.

Until he visits his cousin’s house and sees who’s moved in next door.

They’ve both changed: she’s a struggling single mom, he’s running from a past he’s trying to hide while opening up a new tattoo shop. Yet the moment he sees her again, he knows she’s the one for him.

And with one look, Brooke knows that she can’t fight the desire that pulled them together before, despite the skeletons in both their closets.

Etched in Honor is LIVE

May 22, 2022

After years of waiting, Etched in Honor (Aspen Pack Book 1) is now LIVE! You can read Audrey & Gavin’s romance in eBook, audio with Aiden Snow and Kit Swann, Paperback, and a Special Hardcover edition! Begin a brand new paranormal series full of danger, heat, and fated mates today!

NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan returns to the world of paranormal in the thrilling and dynamic new Aspen Pack series.

The betrayal that had nearly taken out the Aspen Pack has passed, but the ramifications of starting with a new hierarchy are taking their toll on Audrey Porter. Once traitor to the former leaders for trying to save their people, she’s now the Beta of the Pack and must try to hold their shattered remains together. Only she never expected the man from her past to awaken memories long since buried.

Gavin Powers is the new Tracker for the Aspen, yet it feels as though he’s always been part of the Pack, rather than a newcomer trying to heal a people long since thought forgotten. There are secrets within the den that could alter how the world sees shifters, and if Gavin isn’t careful, his attraction to Audrey could ruin everything.

There is a mysterious new enemy on the horizon, one long since vanquished into myth. As the darkness surrounding the Packs is unveiled, it will take a wolf and a lioness to unbury the past and fight for their future—or risk losing everything before it begins.


Hunted in Darkness Cover Reveal

May 9, 2022


This cover is everything! I cannot wait for the Aspen Pack series to begin this year and this book? I am so excited! Hunted in Darkness (Aspen Pack Book 2) releases in Sept 2022 in eBook, audio, paperback, and hardcover! And don’t forget Etched in Honor (Aspen Pack Book 1) releases this month! Ahh!

Yes, it’s about the Alpha of the Aspen Pack.

Yes, this is Blade’s son.

Yes, this is Cailin and Logan’s daughter from the Redwood Pack.

Yes, you can start with the Aspen Pack.

Yes, I have been waiting years.


The Aspen Pack series from NYT Bestselling Carrie Ann Ryan continues with a fated romance that was never supposed to happen.

Skye Jamenson-Anderson knows the legacy she must live up to. She’s the daughter of warriors and the granddaughter of the late Alphas who sacrificed everything so their den could survive. Though she feels she doesn’t have a place in her Pack, she does everything in her power to keep them and their allies alive—including saving the Aspen Alpha.

As Alpha of the Aspen Pack, Chase Leyne knows a thing or two about one’s legacy. He’s the son of a traitor and the most powerful wolf in his territory. He also knows without a doubt that Skye is not his mate. When the two decide to lean on another in every way possible, they both go in knowing nothing forever can come out of it.

The enemy is stepping up their game and threaten the stability of the alliance forged in blood. With one bite, Chase and Skye’s world changes, and the one thing that is keeping them apart might be the only promise to save their Packs and their future.

One Way Back to Me is HERE!

April 18, 2022

One Way Back to Me (The Wilder Brothers Book 1) is LIVE! It’s time to find out exactly what happens when Eli and Alexis work together after spending years apart thanks to choices neither one of them realized!

The Wilder brothers have retired from the military and as they’re forced to learn a new life, things get interesting fast in this kickoff to a brand new steamy, contemporary romance series from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan.

One dance at a stranger’s wedding. That’s all it took for me to fall for Alexis.

And then? Disaster. Another man—her boyfriend—gets down on one knee and proposes to her.

I never thought I’d see her again.

Years later, I’m in desperate need of a wedding planner—not for myself, but for my company.

My five brothers and I need to get our new Wilder Resort off the ground, and Alexis is the only one savvy enough to help us.

But there’s the little matter that I still have it bad for her. Alexis has changed since the night we met. She’s gun shy. But there’s a spark between us that will not die. We both fight it, until we don’t.

Until history repeats itself. The same guy who took her away from me is back to do more damage. But this time he’ll have to go through me to get her.


Read a special excerpt of One Way Back to Me!

April 17, 2022

One Way Back to Me (The Wilder Brothers Book 1) releases in a few short hours! And to celebrate Alexis and Eli’s romance, I’m sharing a special excerpt! Are you excited??

The wrought iron gates that proclaimed the Wilder Retreat looked new, and signs directed people to the welcome area, the villa, the wedding venue, and the winery. I wanted to visit all of it, but first, I needed to go to the main house and meet with this Eli Wilder.

I needed this job. No matter what happened next, I needed this job. And I needed Eli Wilder to hire me and for things to make sense.

I did not want to move. I did not want to start over once again. Even though I was starting over now, it wasn’t by choice.

And this place already called to me. As I pulled into the front area I gasped, my hands tightening around the steering wheel. The place was beautiful.

There were two large buildings in the center, with paths to other small buildings around, but the majesty of what lay before me left me breathless.

According to their website, there was the main villa to the left, where I knew most of the rooms had to be, but attached to it with an open walkway was the welcome center, which also had a circular driveway to get to the winery.

Everything looked based on European architecture, but not German as was typical around this area. It looked as if someone had taken their favorite parts of certain architecture and pieced them together, and I knew it had to do with the original owners and not the Wilders, but I loved what the Wilders had now.

I stepped out of the car, grateful that the ground was paved and not gravel, since I was wearing my tall heels that made my legs look great and gave me the confidence I needed today.

The buildings in front of me were a white stone and stucco, gorgeous and well kept. There were trees all around, but in the center in front of the parking area, and off to the side just slightly, were these square stone pavers that looked to be an art piece, and I knew would be gorgeous for bride photos or any party images. It was as if someone had wanted their own mosaic, but with a Texas twist, and I couldn’t help but smile. Off to the side of that was a large open-sided farmhouse that was for events, and weddings could be performed in there, as well as the open archways in front of it. Everything looked relaxed, slightly Texan, slightly refined, and elegant.

People were milling about, looking happy, going about their day. I saw gardeners and maids and other staff members moving, everyone smiling and getting along.

The only thing this place needed was a wedding planner.

And, hopefully, that could be me.

What was good about this position was that it also came with room and board. Considering I was currently sleeping on a friend’s couch—a friend that needed me out since her husband was coming back stateside after being deployed for eight months—I needed this to happen.

I couldn’t believe I had been so stupid with Clint that I had lost everything. But no longer. This would be all mine.

I grabbed my bag, rolled my shoulders back, and made my way inside the beautiful building. Everything inside shone brightly, with white stone and polished wood. It was slightly masculine, with feminine touches of floral arrangements and delicate decorations. It was a beautiful dichotomy, and I loved it.

I moved forward and nearly tripped over my feet, a familiar face I hadn’t expected, but I should have, because I remembered that dance. I remembered Roy’s smile as he had explained to me who I had danced with and why the other man had been at that wedding. The wedding that had changed everything. The wedding that had broken me before I had even realized it.

I knew this man.

We had only exchanged first names before, but I should have put it together.

The man I had danced with and had felt that spark of connection with—that I had dutifully ignored—had been Eli Wilder.

The man I needed to be my boss.

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