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Every one of my audio books is on sale!

December 12, 2019
There’s a Member Wide Sale on AUDIBLE!
Are you a member? EVERY one of my books is on sale!!!

Delicate Ink is coming to France!

December 10, 2019

The Montgomery Ink series is going to France! Delicate Ink (Montgomery Ink Book 1) is now translated in French and will be released in eBook and Paperback on Jan 15th 2020!

À l’encre déliée (Montgomery Ink: Tome 1) coming Jan 15th 2020!

Austin Montgomery, célibataire endurci, se sent prêt à se poser. Aîné des huit Montgomery, c’est un grand barbu taciturne, et pourtant il lui suffit d’un coup d’œil à la nouvelle gérante de la boutique de l’autre côté de la rue pour savoir exactement ce qu’il veut. Elle.

Trouver un homme est bien la dernière chose à laquelle aspire Sierra Elder. En cherchant à masquer des cicatrices profondément ancrées dans sa chair, elle va découvrir chez Austin un homme qui lui fait ressentir de réelles émotions – à de nombreux égards.

Malgré leur méfiance, ils embarquent ensemble dans une passion houleuse et progressive. Cependant, lorsque les ondes de choc de leurs passés respectifs font irruption dans leurs présents, il va leur falloir bien plus qu’une vague promesse d’avenir pour rester soudés.


Preorder Alert: From Our First

December 9, 2019

From Our First (A Promise Me Novel) releases Dec 8th, 2020! Four brothers. Four books. Four dates gone terribly wrong. The PROMISE ME series is just beginning…
(Loved Arden’s Brothers from Wrapped in Ink? These are the Brady Brothers!)

Forever Only Once – Coming June 23rd

From That Moment – Coming Aug 18th

Far From Destined – Coming Oct 22nd

From Our First – Coming Dec 8th

The Promise Me series proves that dating isn’t easy, and dating while your friends and family are watching? Even worse.

When four friends decide to take dating into their own hands and set each other up on dates or just try to push one another in the right direction, things get a little…complicated.

So, when the Brady brothers find themselves stuck in the middle of these plans—either by choice, happenstance, or accident—they have to get over their issues and secrets to either fall in line or run away as fast as humanly possible.

Mistaken identities, enemies they didn’t see coming, promises that were never meant to be kept, and a reunion no one wanted are just the beginning.


Reckless With You is Here!

December 3, 2019

Reckless With You (A Less Than Novel) is now LIVE! Amelia & Tucker’s romance is here! I hope you love this fake relationship/best friend’s little sister romance! This is a complete stand alone within the Less Than series, so start reading today in audio, eBook, and print. Yay!

From the NYT Bestselling Author of Breathless With Her comes a fake relationship romance that’s all too real.

Professing her love to her best friend while wearing only her favorite panty set and coat probably wasn’t the best decision Amelia Carr has ever made. In fact, it’s perhaps the worst. But when her family becomes their overprotective selves while encroaching on her life, she makes a rash decision: her brother’s best friend will just have to be her beard. Too bad, he has no idea what he’s in for.

Tucker Reinhard loves women, and they tend to love him even more. Despite the love, he never would have expected Amelia to come up with the plan she poses to him. He’ll go along with it, but only because he doesn’t want to see her hurt—even if that means fighting his best friend.

In the midst of her scheme, Amelia realizes she doesn’t know Tucker as well as she thought. And neither of them are prepared for what happens when they let the façade go and see what truly lies beneath.


Read the first chapter of Reckless With You!

December 1, 2019

The first chapter of Reckless With You (A Less Than Novel) is now on my website! Read ahead to get ready for the Dec 3rd release of Amelia & Tucker’s romance!

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