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Preorder Alert: Stay Here with Me

May 28, 2023

Y’all!! I just heard a snippet from the audio on Stay Here with Me (A Wilder Brother Romance) and burst into tears. Meg Sylvan is capturing the heroine perfectly!! Lark is my first singer/songwriter ever and because of that, there are some lyrics and songs I wrote for this book that just…UGH I am so happy right now! And as for East Wilder? Oh boy…his demons are dark. He’s a mess. He’s growly. And he’s the worst sometimes. And I love him. You can preorder in eBook, paperback, and special edition right now. Plus sign up for audio alerts when I have the preorder ready for that one too!

Now…what about the tropes?

Enemies with Benefits


Tortured Hero

Military Romance


Stalker On the Prowl


About Stay Here with Me:

The Wilder Brothers from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with a secret romance that East and Lark never saw coming.

The world thinks I only write songs about my ex-boyfriends.

They study each lyric to point a finger at which man broke my heart—even if I’ve never met him.

Only the man I refuse to write about is the one who is so tangled in my mind that I know I can never be with him.

I had one night with East Wilder, and I know that’s all there will ever be.

He broke my heart without even trying.

Yet now I can’t seem to write a single verse and I need a place to hide while I figure out who I am. The Wilder Retreat will have to be my refuge as the Wilders prepare for my best friend’s wedding.

And when I’m there, I refuse to fall for East again.

Even if the dark shadows in his eyes draw me in and the dangers of his past might be the one thing that forces us to finally give in.

Preorder Alert: Longtime Crush

May 27, 2023

Sebastian Montgomery has been a fan favorite since the start of the series and now it’s his time to shine! Or brood. Whatever comes first. You haven’t met his heroine yet, but Raven? Yeah…she might be one of my favorite heroines. This book has a slight time jump so we see Sebastian in his element, still guarded, still waiting. And Raven? She’s freaking amazing and has a few secrets of her own. You can preorder their book in ebook, paperback, special edition, and audio right now! Plus the patreon cover for this one is AMAZING.

Now…what about the tropes?

Single Dad


Best Friend’s Widow

Friends to Lovers

Neighbors to Lovers

Accidental Dating

About Longtime Crush:

When my best friend and I fell for the same guy in middle school, I stepped back.

I’d always expected to dance at their wedding.

Not sit in the back pew of her funeral.

I left town for my own reasons, but now that I’m back, it’s clear Sebastian Montgomery isn’t the same man I left.

He’s hard. Broken.

And a single father to an adorable little girl.

When it turns out he’s my new neighbor, I can’t stay away.

But I know I’m playing with fire and the heat between us burns enough to scorch.

I thought I was over my crush.

But now it might crush me.

Preorder Alert: Good Time Boyfriend

May 25, 2023

I am so excited to share some details about my next series, The First Time series! Three brothers who move to Denver, Colorado to be near their long lost sister, and each holds a secret of their own.

Lots of heat, emotional, and spice in this trilogy! Now…what about the tropes?

Virgin Heroine


Friends with Benefits

Just a Fling

But what if I want more?

About Good Time Boyfriend:

It’s her first time, but not her last.

So when she meets him, she knows he’ll be the perfect good time. The perfect memory.

Only he wants more than her night, he wants her forever.

Tropes: Virgin Heroine. Grumpy/Sunshine. Friends with Benefits.

(full blurb to come)

About the series:

They say you’ll always remember your first time.
Their parents married and divorced, not once, but twice.
Now that their parents are on their third honeymoon with each other, the Cassidy brothers need a fresh start.
Enter Denver, Colorado, and a whole new host of problems they weren’t expecting.
One has secrets.
The other wants to forget.
And the third is ready for his second chance.
Are you ready for the Cassidy Brothers?

Harbored in Silence is LIVE!

May 22, 2023

It’s time! Harbored in Silence (Aspen Pack Book 4) is now LIVE in Kindle Unlimited, audio, paperback, and hardcover! I love love love love Dara and Cruz. I hope you love them too! Also…a HUGE secret happens that I can finally talk about!

About Harbored in Silence:

A witch on the run who could save the world–or destroy it with one touch

I am who they fear.

The Harvester Death Witch.

The one who holds the power of their fate in my hands.

Or at least…that’s what they whisper.

The coven has fallen. The vampires are circling our den. And if we don’t find new allies, our Pack won’t be able to fight much longer.

On my Alpha’s orders, I must find others who hide beneath the shadows for not only our protection, but theirs as well.

Only I’m not alone on my mission.

I brought Cruz back from death once before, and though I know the goddess forbids it, I’d do it again.

Because he’s my mate.

And my ending.

New Merch Shop!

April 24, 2023

Good news! Carrie Ann has a brand new merch shop with new designs and products! There will be more added weekly as we get it set up but until then, take a look at the shop!

And we have a discount code for you too! Use the code NEWSTORE  and get 10% off for the next few days!

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