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Talon Pack Read Along

August 21, 2017

Let’s Do a ReRead!

Destiny Disgraced releases Sept 12th and to celebrate, Team Carrie Ann is doing a Talon Pack Read Along! What does that mean?

1) Reread each of the Talon Pack books alongside Carrie Ann over the next few weeks.
2) Tweet your progress with #TalonPackReRead to enter surprise giveaways as well as a compete autographed set of the Talon Pack Books.
3) Join Team Carrie Ann Ryan to see behind the scenes and bonus info about each book in the series!
4) Participate in LIVE FACEBOOK CHATS on Carrie Ann’s Facebook Page to see even more special and exclusive Talon Pack insights.
5) Preorder Destiny Disgraced so you can continue the Talon Pack series with Carrie Ann on Sept 12th!

This is the PERFECT time to catch up on the Talon Pack series if you haven’t read my favorite shifter series yet!

The Talon Pack Read Along Schedule:

August 22nd – August 25th Tattered Loyalties (Book 1) FREE
August 26th – August 29th An Alpha’s Choice (Book 2)
August 30th – September 2nd Mated in Mist (Book 3)
September 3rd – September 6th Wolf Betrayed (Book 4)
September 7th – 10th Fractured Silence (Book 5)
September 12th Destiny Disgraced (Book 6)

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