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New Series News: Tattered Royals

May 13, 2020

I’m thrilled to announce the Tattered Royals series I’m co-writing with the fantastic Nana Malone! I adore her and I’m so stinking happy we’re writing this series together! The first book, Royal Line, releases next year! I cannot WAIT to show you more!

You are cordially invited into the lives and secrets of the Waterford Royals, leaders and unwavering socialites of the country of Alden.

Royal backstabbing is only the beginning, with the court and nation’s gazes on the Waterford siblings at all times. With eyes on the throne, the family will have to look beyond the lineage that set them on their paths and the connections they’ve lost with each other as their worlds crash down around them.

The Waterfords know their duty and their place. Only falling in love with the ones that could shatter their legacy might be exactly what these royals need.

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