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Harbored in Silence is LIVE!

May 22, 2023

It’s time! Harbored in Silence (Aspen Pack Book 4) is now LIVE in Kindle Unlimited, audio, paperback, and hardcover! I love love love love Dara and Cruz. I hope you love them too! Also…a HUGE secret happens that I can finally talk about!

About Harbored in Silence:

A witch on the run who could save the world–or destroy it with one touch

I am who they fear.

The Harvester Death Witch.

The one who holds the power of their fate in my hands.

Or at least…that’s what they whisper.

The coven has fallen. The vampires are circling our den. And if we don’t find new allies, our Pack won’t be able to fight much longer.

On my Alpha’s orders, I must find others who hide beneath the shadows for not only our protection, but theirs as well.

Only I’m not alone on my mission.

I brought Cruz back from death once before, and though I know the goddess forbids it, I’d do it again.

Because he’s my mate.

And my ending.

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