Etched in Honor Cover Reveal! - Carrie Ann Ryan
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Etched in Honor Cover Reveal!

November 22, 2021

After three long years, I’m FINALLY telling Audrey’s story! I literally cannot wait for you to read her romance with Gavin. This series is going in a direction with a big bad that gives me chills and OMG just you wait! Etched in Honor (Aspen Pack Book 1) releases May 23rd!

NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan returns to the world of paranormal in the thrilling and dynamic new Aspen Pack series.

The betrayal that had nearly taken out the Aspen Pack has passed, but the ramifications of starting with a new hierarchy are taking their toll on Audrey Porter. Once traitor to the former leaders for trying to save their people, she’s now the Beta of the Pack and must try to hold their shattered remains together. Only she never expected the man from her past to awaken memories long since buried.

Gavin Powers is the new Tracker for the Aspen, yet it feels as though he’s always been part of the Pack, rather than a newcomer trying to heal a people long since thought forgotten. There are secrets within the den that could alter how the world sees shifters, and if Gavin isn’t careful, his attraction to Audrey could ruin everything.

There is a mysterious new enemy on the horizon, one long since vanquished into myth. As the darkness surrounded the Packs is unveiled, it will take a wolf and a lioness to unbury the past and fight for their future—or risk losing everything before it begins.

Q) Do I need to read the Redwood Pack or Talon Pack series first?
A) No, but the world does overlap so you will see familiar characters.

Q) Are these in KU?
A) Yes, along with all of my paranormal romances.

Q) How many books are in the series?
A) I have no idea yet lol. We are just beginning. But the more excited you are for this one, the more I know what I’ll write.

Q) Is this a stand alone?
A) Yes. This will be Audrey and Gavin’s complete romance.

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