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Are you writing more paranormal?

May 7, 2018

I’ve been getting a bunch of questions along the lines of “Are you writing more paranormal?”.

The Short Answer: Yes.

The Longer Answer:

I started reading romance with the paranormal genre. I then starting writing romance with paranormal. I released the Redwood Pack, Dante’s Circle, and Holiday Montana series before I released Delicate Ink, my first full length contemporary romance. (Ink Inspired was my first contemporary romance which came out around 8 months before Delicate Ink.)

I then released the Branded Packs series with Alexandra Ivy and continued the Redwood Pack world with the Talon Pack series.

That means around half of my books are paranormal.

That’s A LOT of books!

At the moment I have three active series:

Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs 
Whiskey and Lies 
Talon Pack

Once Whiskey and Lies is over in November, the next trilogy will have a slot in my schedule. That trilogy is called Fractured Connections.

Once Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs is over in February, the next Montgomery Ink set of cousins will have a slot in my schedule. That series is called Montgomery Ink: Boulder.

One the Talon Pack series is over in January…I’m taking a slight break from paranormal. NOT A LONG ONE.


Because writing paranormal romances for me, take more out of me. I say this, and then I realize that I peel strips of myself into contemporary romances as I battle tough issues. But with the Talon Pack, I battled those issues inside a world that was falling apart and honestly getting too real in our own world.

With the way things are going currently in this climate, writing paranormal romances where the unthinkable things are actually happening in real life–minus the shifters that we know if–it’s hard.

Add onto the fact that in addition to the Fractured Connections series, TWO trilogies hit me out of the blue and I NEED to write them.

So what does that mean?

I’m going to write what I need to and what, from my sales are saying, you want me to write as well.

That means a couple new trilogies once the Talon Pack is over.


I have a series plan for a new set of books, new characters…new ways to pull at my brain and ideas. I already have them titled and know what I want the BIG BAD to be in this world.

I’m EXCITED about this new BIG BAD because I’ve wanted to do something with this for FOUR YEARS and even teased about it in a book that I’ll be sure to tease you with again before long…and once I’m ready for this new paranormal series, I’ll get to play with this new BIG BAD and figure out how to take him (or her) down as he (or she) pulls me and my characters apart.

So that means READ THE TALON PACK series. READ THE REDWOOD PACK series. Read my other paranormal romances along with all of my contemporary romances I know and love, and get ready for when I’m ready to show you this new paranormal world.

It’s just not going to happen in 2019.

2019’s not going to be quiet though. Not by a long shot.
Just wait until you see what’s coming.


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