An Inked Persuasion Teaser - Carrie Ann Ryan
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Carrie Ann Ryan Carrie Ann Ryan

An Inked Persuasion Teaser

January 21, 2021

Inked Persuasion releases Feb 9th in eBook, paperback, audio, hardcover, and large print! And to get you excited for Annabelle and Jacob’s enemies to lovers romance…how about a special excerpt?

We nodded, though refrained from saying it back. The rest of the Montgomerys had a special tattoo, a family motto of sorts called the Montgomery Iris, a little M and I surrounded by a circle and flowers. My siblings and I had those tattoos in secret, mostly because if my father ever found out, he would probably disown us. The other cousins had gotten them, too, all taken care of and inked by one of the three tattoo artists in the family.⁠
Mine was on my hip, where no one could see it unless I took off my bathing suit. And I would not be showing anyone that flesh anytime soon, thank you very much.⁠
We had wanted to show solidarity with the whole set of Montgomerys, ignoring my dad’s rage. Therefore, we did not say “Montgomerys forever,” because we knew he wasn’t talking about the other half of us.⁠

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