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✦Montgomery Ink FAQs and All the Sparkles✦

November 19, 2016

Okay! With so many Montgomery Ink books out there and in the world, you might feel confused. DO NOT WORRY. I am here for you! (I’ll do this for other series soon too.)

1 –> Here is the family tree so you can see how everyone is related and who is coming up. On the bottom are the books outside the actual family but still in the series since the people at the tattoo shop and construction company get books too!

The Montgomery Family Tree

2 –> Here are all the books out and coming with their links and who is in what book…including the brothers and sisters of certain heroines and heroines who have books in their own series.
And I’ve put them in “reading order” for people who like that.

Book 0.5: INK INSPIRED (Montgomery Ink Book 0.5)
Shep Montgomery and Shae (of the Colorado Springs Montgomerys aka a cousin to the main 8)

Book 0.6: INK REUNITED (Montgomery Ink Book 0.6)
Sassy, Ian, and Rafe. (Sassy works with Shep. This was a bonus book :D)

Book 1: DELICATE INK (Montgomery Ink Book 1)
Austin Montgomery and Sierra

Book 1.5: FOREVER INK (Montgomery Ink Book 1.5)
Callie and Morgan (Callie works at Montgomery Ink and Morgan is a family friend.)

Book 2: TEMPTING BOUNDARIES (Montgomery Ink Book 2)
Miranda Montgomery and Decker

Book 3: HARDER THAN WORDS (Montgomery Ink Book 3)
Meghan Montgomery and Luc

Book 4: WRITTEN IN INK (Montgomery Ink Book 4)
Griffin Montgomery and Autumn

Happy Ever After Book 1: FLAME AND INK (A collection of short stories.)
This includes a few Montgomery Ink short stories.

Book 4.5: HIDDEN INK (Montgomery Ink Book 4.5)
Hailey and Sloane (Hailey owns the cafe next door and Sloane works at Montgomery Ink. It’s part of 1001 Dark Nights so it has a different cover.)

Book 5: INK ENDURING (Montgomery Ink Book 5)
Maya Montgomery, Jake, and Border

Gallagher Brothers Book 1: LOVE RESTORED (Spin Off #1)
Graham Gallagher and Blake (Graham is Jake’s brother and Blake works at Montgomery Ink.)

Book 6: INK EXPOSED (Montgomery Ink Book 6) – Coming 11/29/16
Alex Montgomery and Tabby (Tabby works with Wes and Storm at Montgomery Inc.)

Happy Ever After Book 2: INK EVER AFTER (A collection of short stories) – Coming 12/13/16
This includes 13 short stories, about half of them Montgomery Ink ones that have never been released.

Book 6.5: ADORING INK (Montgomery Ink Book 6.5) – Coming 1/17/17
Holly and Brody (Holly is Jake’s ex and a fan favorite. Brody is the guy who asked out Hailey in Hidden Ink as well as Alex’s friend from Ink Exposed. This is also part of 1001 Dark Nights so the cover looks different.)

Book 6.6: LOVE, HONOR, and INK (Montgomery Ink Book 6.6) – Coming 2/14/17
Harper and Arianna. (Harper works at Montgomery Inc with Wes and Storm and is good friends with Alex. Arianna is friends with Holly and Tabby. You can find this in the Once Upon a Valentine Box Set for only $0.99.)

Gallagher Brothers Book 2: PASSION RESTORED (Spin Off #2) – Coming 2/28/17
Owen Gallagher and Liz (Owen is Jake’s brother from Ink Enduring)

Book 7: INKED EXPRESSIONS (Montgomery Ink Book 7) – Coming 6/6/17
Wes or Storm’s story. Will be revealed in December. 😀

Gallagher Brothers Book 3: HOPE RESTORED (Spin Off #3) – Coming 7/25/17
Murphy Gallagher and Tessa (Murphy is Jake’s brother from Ink Enduring.)

Book 8: INKED MEMORIES (Montgomery Ink Book 8) – Coming 10/31/17
Wes or Storm. 😀

3 –> In 2018 there will be another spin off coming 😀 Those of you who have read Ink Exposed can guess at who its about.
And in 2018, Shep’s sisters get a series….
Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs.

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