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A Beta’s Haven

Being the Beta of the Redwood Pack isn’t an easy task, but Jasper has never complained. He’s spent his entire adult life dropping everything so he can take care of others.

Now he’s a father, a husband…and tired. His mate, Willow, knows Jasper won’t let others know that he might need a break, even for a weekend, so that’s where she comes in.

Once Jasper lets go and allows his mate to call the shots, this Beta might just be in for the ride of a lifetime.


Hidden Destiny

He knows she’s his mate. But the rival Alpha has already laid claim.

North has always held his wolf closer to the surface than others.

He knows Lexi could be his mate, but he’s not ready to share the darkness already entwined with his soul.

As a latent wolf, Lexi has spent her life on the run. She wants to find a home for her son and her future, but her former Alpha won’t let her.

Lexi’s wolf wants North, and it will take the strength of her magic, hidden and secret, to save them both.

Shattered Emotions

His wolf tells him she’s his mate. But he’s afraid of one thing—that she could be his twin’s mate instead.

The burdens of the Pack bonds weigh on Maddox with each passing day. As war with the Centrals escalates, so do the intensity of emotions he feels due to being their Omega.

His wolf is failing, and he refuses to take his mate down with him.

Ellie doesn’t care what fate says.

She’s the daughter of a traitor. The sister of a monster. Now her former Pack wants revenge, and they’ll take Maddox out to make that happen.

He is her mate. Her forever.

And she’ll fight to the bitter end for him.

Even if it means fighting to save his soul along the way.


He almost lost his mate and now he must prove he was worth the cost.

Adam almost lost Bay once and not only to the enemy.

He pushed her away to protect her but now he’ll do anything to keep her.

Bay loves her mate beyond anything and wants him to realize that he’s always had her heart.

When Bay’s new powers bring them closer together, they’ll have a chance to see what their mating can truly be.

And Adam can finally do the one thing he’s been avoiding.

Forgiving himself.

Blurred Expectations

The Redwood Pack triad are ready for their next phase of their lives.

Only the little pink lines on those tests never seem to show.

Hannah knows that some things are left up to fate while she protects her family, but it still breaks her heart with each passing month.

Reed and Josh do what they can for her, but they’re shattering alongside her.

But as an enemy from Josh’s past comes into the light, the triad must do all they can for each other, their Pack, and their future.

No matter the cost.