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Enforcer’s Redemption

He lost one mate. He won’t do it again. Even if it means rejecting her.

Adam lost half of his soul when his mate was ripped from him. Now he lives a partial life, trying to protect his Pack from the demon, Caym.

After a drunken night of passion he finds himself with the one thing he promised he’d never have: a mate.

He’s ready to walk away to protect her—and himself—only the moon goddess has other plans for them.

Bay has secrets of her own, a path she’s forced to follow. She’s not ready for Adam, nor is she ready for the demon who wants their bond.

And their baby.

A Night Away

It’s date night for Kade and Melanie…finally.

Though exhausted and worried about the upcoming battle ahead, they want one evening together.

Only they need a babysitter for Finn.

Enter Maddox, growly, quiet, and not ready for what’s to come.


Trinity Bound

She thought her life was over, then the goddess gave her a second chance—and two mates.

Hannah and Reed are bound together not by fate, but by chains and circumstance. Imprisoned by their rival Pack and demon enemy, they don’t know how to escape.

Hannah’s earth magic is weakened by loss and Reed’s connection to his Pack frays with each passing day.

Their only hope is in the unlikeliest of places: a human with the ability to track like no other.

Josh has the instinctive need to find these two strangers though he doesn’t know why.

And once he finds them, his world shifts on his axis.

He’s not only thrust into a war he didn’t know existed…but he’s found not one, but two of his mates.

And fate doesn’t ask twice

A Taste for a Mate

With one look, he knows she is his mate. But the enemy gets to her first.

The moment Jasper walks into Willow’s bakery, his wolf knows she’s his mate.

Only she’s human and has no idea the world of shifters and magic exists.

While his wolf wants her like no other, he knows he needs to take it slow or risk losing her forever.

But when the enemy Pack takes her from him, he’ll be forced to do the one thing he refused: force a mating.

Now Willow must survive in a world of danger and fated mates while the Redwood Pack faces a new danger…

A demon summoned by their rival Pack.

And the end of their world as they know it.

An Alpha’s Path

It was only supposed to be a blind date.

Only with one look, Kade knows Melanie is his mate.

But she’s human and knows nothing of his world. She believes in science and proof and yet the world of fated mates changes everything.

She can walk away if she has to—only to protect all they hold hear.

But Kade will fight for her no matter the cost.

Especially when another wolf clams Melanie has his mate.