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Redwood Pack Box Set 1

Part of the Redwood Pack Series

The Redwood Pack has protected their own for centuries, but when a rival Pack of shifters summons a demon to alter the climate of the entire battle and their fates, the Redwoods will have to come together or make the greatest sacrifice of all.

An Alpha’s Path – A Redwood Pack Prequel

Melanie wasn’t prepared to fall for her blind date, but when the gorgeous, green-eyed man claims she’s his mate and says that he’s a wolf shifter, she thinks she’s gone off the deep end. She’s analytical by nature, but it might just be something more intangible—the paranormal—that changes her life.

Kade is the Heir of the Redwood Pack and eldest son of the Alpha. When he sees Melanie for the first time, he knows she’s it for him. However, not only does he have to convince her that she’s his, he also has to deal with an unwelcome rival that no one was prepared for.

A Taste for a Mate – Redwood Pack Book 1

When Beta of the Redwood Pack, Jasper, finally takes a step forward to claim the one woman who could be his, he isn’t prepared for the Centrals to take notice. Now he must fight to protect her, as well as show her that wolves can be gentle in a world of teeth and claws. Jasper and Willow are drawn together despite everything that works against them, but it’s Willow who must show the world who she really is and save them both.

Trinity Bound – Redwood Pack Book 2

Reed is the only son of the Alpha without purpose, but when he sacrifices himself to save his brother’s mate, he’ll find more than he bargained for.

Hannah is an earth witch and knows how to protect herself from danger, but she might not know how to do the same for her heart when she meets two men who could be hers.

Josh knew the things that went bump in the night were real, but he wasn’t prepared for the way a wolf and a witch could lay claim to his heart, as well as his soul.

The Centrals are ready to take the next step in their war against the Redwoods, and it will take the three of them—together—to not only save their people but also trust themselves.

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Redwood Pack Box Set 1 is Part of the Redwood Pack series

Redwood Pack Box Set 1

From An Alpha’s Path

The thundering in Melanie Cross’s ears increased as her breath became shallow. Palms sweaty, she bit her lip and nervously tapped her foot, as she took in her surroundings. The lobby looked like a palace. Tall, cream colored pillars and chocolate molding surrounded the opulent sitting area. Gorgeous light fixtures with tear drop crystals hung from the walls and the ceiling, giving the room a soft glow. Warm and inviting. But she didn’t want to feel invited. She wanted to leave. Run away and never look back.

What was she thinking? Melanie was a smart, hardworking person. A freshly printed PhD in Nuclear Chemistry and a painstakingly long, nine hundred page, leather bound thesis sat on her desk, proved it. She could accomplish things on her own. Her ideas were acclaimed, and her work referenced numerous times. Any job her heart desired, now hers for the asking. Because of this she was about to bypass the normal post-doc route of working underneath yet another professor. Now she would be an Associate Professor with her own research group at an Ivy League University.

She gained a few close friends over the years, and even though she didn’t have an overly active social life – okay she didn’t have one to speak of – she thought her life was just peachy.

Yet her friends thought with all of the accomplishments in her educational career she was still uptight. Some even said she was missing her ideal husband. But her closest friend Larissa decided she just needed to get laid.

Mel thought back to when her best friend first told her this crazy idea.

“Really Melanie, when was the last time you got laid? First year? Even earlier? It’s ridiculous! You are practically a born-again virgin.” Larissa laughed at her own joke and then slid a business card across her newly cleared off lab bench.

What’s this?” A name printed on the card, Jamenson Services, stared back at her. “You’re sending me to a gigolo?” She gasped and tried to throw the card away before Larissa quickly swiped it from her hands.

“No. The Jamensons are contractors. The man who owns it is an acquaintance of mine. He built the new green house at my parents. Come on, you need a date and so does he. It is only for one evening, and sex isn’t required. But honestly, the way those Jamenson boys are built, you’ll be dropping your panties at his command,” Larissa lifted one eyebrow and laughed again.

“Oh I don’t think so. I’m not that desperate. It’s just that I’ve been so focused on my work that I didn’t have time to date a man, let alone look for one.” Melanie knew she could’ve just looked across the lab bench for the last five years to find a date. But really Timmy wasn’t at all that worth to look at.

“Honey, you are too rigid. You need one night off before you skip ahead to the next part of your life. Call the number on the card and talk to Jasper. He’s the brother of the guy I think would be perfect for you. Do it and get laid.” She laughed, pushing the card in Melanie’s hand.

Somewhere deep down Melanie knew Larissa was right. Melanie didn’t throw the card away. She couldn’t. Now six weeks later, she found herself sitting in the Hilton Resort in Seattle, about to vomit on the new black Fuck-Me pumps Larissa forced her to wear.

“Miss? Are you okay?”

At the sound of a deep voice, her head shot up to look at a very handsome man. Dark skinned, with piercing eyes, he surveyed her. Oh my, is this her date?

“Oh I’m fine. Just getting the nerve to walk into the bar, to get even more nerve to wait for my date.” She winced at how fast and squeaky she spoke but really – why was she even here?

“I’m the manager, Lance Morse, let me walk you to the bar, and get you a shot of that nerve.” He winked and she smiled him.

Melanie took a deep breath. “Okay.” Wow. Surely, anyone could tell she was Dr. Melanie Cross, rather than the dumb blonde she seemed to be portraying. Or not.

He took her arm and guided her away from where she sat for twenty minutes regretting her decisions. Lance walked her toward the bar, while talking about the various hotel and resort amenities and events. She nodded while he spoke, as she felt the bar beckon her.

“Here we are. Thank you again for coming. If you need anything, feel no hesitation in asking one of my employees to assist you or ask for me by name. Enjoy your evening, Melanie Cross.”

She smiled then stopped breathing for a moment. “How…”

“Your friend, Larissa, texted me earlier to be on the lookout for a small, shy blonde by the name of Melanie Cross and you seemed to fit the description. I took a gamble.” He smiled.

Before she could respond, he winked again and walked out of the bar leaving her alone.

As she sat down, a Bay Breeze magically appeared in front of her and the bartender winked at her as he walked away. Did all men at this hotel wink? Her phone buzzed as she was just about to get freaked out.

Melanie babe, please relax. Your date should be there soon. Take a nice drink of that concoction and enjoy your evening. Oh and get laid.

Melanie laughed. Larissa possessed a one-track mind. She took a drink when her phone buzzed again.

Just remember to keep an open mind. He really is quite sweet and won’t bite. Well, only occasionally. And only if you want him to.

What the hell?


Kade Jamenson stepped into the lobby and was immediately assaulted by the delicate honey vanilla scent wafting throughout the room. His muscles clenched and he balled his fists, gaining control.


He tried to tone down his edginess, but it felt as though his wolf was trying to claw his way out from the inside.

He spoke to the wolf inside his head, “It surely smells like a possibility. But we are here for a date with a human. I am not so callous as to stand up a perfectly reasonable date just so I can follow a scent that could lead to disaster. Let me figure out this date first and then I will follow the scent if we have to. We already made the mistake of the wrong mate once; I don’t want to do it again.”


His wolf was right. He knew the woman who could be his mate wasn’t even in the room, yet her scent and the urge to join with another was stronger by far than with Tracy. Kade took a deep breath of the honey vanilla scent and his balls tightened.

Damn. This woman was potentially his mate. How could this happen the night he finally took up his brother Jasper’s offer of a blind date?

He quickly texted Jasper to let him know that he needed to break his date or do some major rescheduling and thinking. He couldn’t be respectful to this human woman if he was aroused by another scent. It wasn’t fair to any party.

His phone buzzed not one minute later with a response.

Kade, don’t be an ass. Just go meet Melanie and I am sure you will have your answers.

After that cryptic comment, Kade didn’t know what to think. Jasper told him, Melanie was a 5’2” petite blonde who should fit against his 6’2” frame nicely. Those liquid brown eyes that gazed up at him from her photograph, made him want to know what was behind them. That was a first for him. He might have been slightly nervous about the date but he was oh so willing and eager to meet with her. Just remembering her photo made him smile and want to see her in person. He was an Alpha male with no small amount of pride. Hell, he was the Heir to the Redwood Pack, first in line to the throne. Kade took one last deep breath of that honey vanilla scent and squared his shoulders.

He had a date with a pretty blonde.

end of excerpt
Redwood Pack Box Set 1

Redwood Pack Box Set 1

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