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From Our First

Book 4 in the Promise Me Series
Special Edition

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan concludes her steamy contemporary stand-alone series with a secret that no one saw coming.
Nate Brady and Myra West have been keeping a secret, though not just from their group—also from each other. Getting married when they were barely adults wasn’t in the cards when they made their plans for their future. Divorcing one another amidst pain and heartbreak wasn’t either.
Years have passed, wounds have scabbed over and scarred, but their anger remains.
If the two can open themselves to the impossible, they might be able to take that second chance. Only they’ll also have to fight their fears, the lies between them, and the desire they thought long gone.
Except they aren’t alone in their secrets, and if they aren’t careful, they may just be taking them to their graves.

**There is a bonus epilogue exclusively in the audio and ebook editions!**

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From Our First is Book 4 in the Promise Me series

From Our First Characters Profiles

From Our First

The moment I met Nathan, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life without him. Only it hadn’t worked out the way I’d wanted to.

Nothing had worked out the way I’d wanted it to.

My heels echoed on the hardwood as I made my way toward where I’d seen the person in question slink off. For a man usually the face of the party, I was surprised that he wasn’t smiling with the others and acting as if he weren’t a giant, selfish asshole with more barbs than heart.

I held back a sigh, knowing those thoughts were only part of the reason I needed to find him.

We couldn’t go on living this way.

I missed sleep. I missed my perfectly ordered life where I could pretend that the world wasn’t horrible, and I hadn’t shattered into a thousand pieces thanks to a calm cruelty that had shocked me to my very core.

And that meant I had to work with the man who haunted my days and threatened the peace of my nights.

I passed the others that I knew were related to Nate through marriage somehow and nodded, trying to smile with my eyes since my clenched jaw wouldn’t allow anything else.

They wouldn’t see the ice queen.


I needed Nate to see that queen, though.

She could wrap herself in armor. Could protect herself.

I needed to be that other me.

I turned the corner and spotted him in the library. He rubbed his temple before turning to me. A small part of me wanted to reach out and see if I could do something for his pain.

But I wasn’t that girl anymore.

And he’d never been that boy.

I let the ice queen reign.

“We need to talk.”

Nate looked up at me, and I raised a brow, so tired of the clutch in my belly at the sight of him. “Do we?”

“You know why, Nathan.”

“I honestly don’t.”

He lied. He had to. And I hated him for it. I loathed how he made me feel. The way he’d once been my everything. I hated him more with each passing day.

And what was worse, I despised the idea that he made me hate myself.

“Yes, we do, husband.”

Nate flinched and looked past me as if to see if anyone were near. What would he do if someone overheard? If they knew the truth of my greatest mistake? “Don’t fucking call me that.”

I raised my chin, narrowing my eyes at the man who’d broken me. “Fine. Ex-husband. Whatever title you want to use. But we’re going to talk.”

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From Our First

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