Enemy Heir - Carrie Ann Ryan
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Enemy Heir

Book 2 in the Tattered Royals Series

A bad boy prince meets his match in this epic Tattered Royals stand-alone romance.

 I know men like him.

Powerful. Arrogant. Trouble. The world is his playground.

The playboy prince, the tabloid favorite, and the bane of my existence.

And unfortunately, he’s the only one who might be able to help me uncover the truth.

We’re all but shackled together as he works to help me find my stalker before another attack

I don’t want to trust him. I don’t want to want him.

But letting Breck Waterford in might be the only thing to save us both.

I’ve never met a woman like her.

My secrets are mine to keep, but she has a habit of finding the truth.

Sparrow Bridges can’t discover who I am under the crown.

She’s everything I told myself I couldn’t have.

I push her away every chance I can…only every time I look at her, I fall harder.

When danger comes, I can’t stand the idea of losing her before I have a chance to claim her.

She doesn’t need a savior. But anyone who threatens Sparrow will soon find they don’t want me as an enemy.


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Enemy Heir is Book 2 in the Tattered Royals series

    The full series reading order is as follows:

  • Book 1: Royal Line
  • Book 2: Enemy Heir

Enemy Heir

He clutched a hand over his heart. “Oh, Feisty. You wound me. Or at least you would if I didn’t already know who you were working with. But you tell yourself whatever you need. I promise you that you’re sniffing around the wrong brother.”

I frowned as he brushed past me, the minor contact making my nipples peak. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Breck rolled his eyes. “You don’t think I see you and my little brother? Sure, he’s the upstanding one. But he has his… tastes.” He smirked at that. “Who knows? Maybe you’re into it, which makes me incredibly sad it isn’t me that you want.”

”I beg your pardon, but you’re the worst, Your Highness.”

“Try harder to pretend, Feisty.” His voice was a low hum as he muttered over his shoulder.

God, what was it about him that made my whole body vibrate? What I wanted to do was follow him and keep fighting. Yet, not five minutes ago, I’d been starving and needing to crash.

But one Breck sighting and I was ready for a fight. An all-out grudge match. He could do that to me, make me relinquish my carefully constructed control. Maybe that was why I didn’t like him. I knew what was good for me. And staying the hell away from Breck Waterford was at the top of that list.

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Enemy Heir

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