#WolfWednesday: Bram - Carrie Ann Ryan
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Carrie Ann Ryan Carrie Ann Ryan

#WolfWednesday: Bram

December 14, 2016
Today is the first day of #WolfWednesday! Time to go back and visit some of the wolves and shifters from my series!
First up: BRAM

Name: Bram Devlin
Species: Wolf Shifter
Age: 35
Title: Redwood Pack enforcer
Strength: His physical strength
Weakness: Charlotte
His best friend had told him time and time again that it grated on her when Bram acted overprotectively. He couldn’t help it, though, especially considering the strength of his wolf…and the woman he wanted to protect.
Charlotte was his best friend, his one-time lover, and the one woman he wanted to spend the rest of his days with. That fact sent a shock of pain through his chest, and he did his best to ignore it. He’d been getting too good at ignoring a lot of things recently.

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