Teaser Tuesday: Passion Restored - Carrie Ann Ryan
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Carrie Ann Ryan Carrie Ann Ryan

Teaser Tuesday: Passion Restored

February 21, 2017

In the mood for a taste of Passion Restored? Owen and Liz’s romance releases on Feb 28th!

He made his way to the trailer and up the old, wooden steps, doing his best to not think about what he was about to see. It couldn’t be that, bad, right? He’d only been gone a couple of weeks.
He opened the door and froze.
Yeah, it could be that bad.
And worse.
All of Owen’s notebooks were splayed out on two desks, his keyboard lying unevenly on top of a few that were stacked. Countless pieces of paper with notes jotted in ink, pencil, and what looked like crayon covered the tables and desks.
The large pile of sticky notes seemed to be untouched.

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