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Series Announcement: Fractured Connections

April 18, 2018

Surprise! I’m announcing my 2019 trilogy today! If you’ve read Fallen Ink, you might recognize a couple characters since Sienna and Violet (Mace’s sisters) are getting their own series!

Introducing the Fractured Connections Series!

Book 1: Breaking Without You (Coming April 2019)

More about the series:

Three foster brothers find themselves in charge of a family business they never meant to own. Now they need to deal with everything comes with past regrets, secrets, and money they never had before. They grew apart over time and now are forced back together when their world comes crashing down.

On the other side of town, three best friends, two of them sisters themselves, just lost their fourth. They’re not ready to deal with what that means and what she left behind. Together they’ll learn to heal and find their other halves along the way, but it won’t be easy as connections come to light that might shatter it all.

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