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Preorder Alert: Stay Here with Me

May 28, 2023

Y’all!! I just heard a snippet from the audio on Stay Here with Me (A Wilder Brother Romance) and burst into tears. Meg Sylvan is capturing the heroine perfectly!! Lark is my first singer/songwriter ever and because of that, there are some lyrics and songs I wrote for this book that just…UGH I am so happy right now! And as for East Wilder? Oh boy…his demons are dark. He’s a mess. He’s growly. And he’s the worst sometimes. And I love him. You can preorder in eBook, paperback, and special edition right now. Plus sign up for audio alerts when I have the preorder ready for that one too!

Now…what about the tropes?

Enemies with Benefits


Tortured Hero

Military Romance


Stalker On the Prowl


About Stay Here with Me:

The Wilder Brothers from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with a secret romance that East and Lark never saw coming.

The world thinks I only write songs about my ex-boyfriends.

They study each lyric to point a finger at which man broke my heart—even if I’ve never met him.

Only the man I refuse to write about is the one who is so tangled in my mind that I know I can never be with him.

I had one night with East Wilder, and I know that’s all there will ever be.

He broke my heart without even trying.

Yet now I can’t seem to write a single verse and I need a place to hide while I figure out who I am. The Wilder Retreat will have to be my refuge as the Wilders prepare for my best friend’s wedding.

And when I’m there, I refuse to fall for East again.

Even if the dark shadows in his eyes draw me in and the dangers of his past might be the one thing that forces us to finally give in.

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