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Preorder Alert: A Wilder Wedding

June 4, 2023

People have been asking for Naomi (the innkeeper) and Amos (the wine maker)’s romance since the first book in the series. It took me awhile to figure out where to fit them into the series and my schedule, but I found the PERFECT way! A Wilder Wedding is indeed about the wedding of one of the Wilders…but also about these two who have been in the background since the start…having a certain romance of their own. And it for sure hasn’t been easy.

You can preorder their romance in eBook for now, but paperback and special edition links are coming soon. Plus sign up for audio alerts when I have the preorder ready for that one too!

Now…what about the tropes?

Enemies to Lovers


Workplace Romance

Age Gap

One last chance

About A Wilder Wedding

The Wilders know their weddings and this time it’s for one of their own.

Naomi and Amos have been the secret backbone to the Wilder Brothers’ Retreat and Winery for years.

They’ve also loved and hated each other along the way.

Their on and off again relationship has always worked for them, but now it’s getting in the way of the next Wilder Wedding.

If they don’t figure out what they want, one of them will have to do what they feared: leave the Wilders.

But if they take that leap, they might just break.

Or finally have what they’ve always wanted.

Each other.

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