#MontgomeryMonday: Alex - Carrie Ann Ryan
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#MontgomeryMonday: Alex

December 12, 2016
I’m going to start a new thing on Mondays were we meet a few of the Montgomerys! What do you think about that?
First up for #MontgomeryMonday: ALEX!

Name: Alexander Montgomery
Age: 28
Job: Photographer
Trivia: Used to be married. Used to be a lot of things. Now what is he?
“I can do that,” he said softly then went back to get his camera. He jogged to the picnic table and picked up his bag. His hands shook, and he forced himself to take a deep breath and count to ten.
“Are you okay?”
He turned on his heel, his eyes widening. He hadn’t heard Tabitha came up behind him, and he swallowed hard, his heart racing. “Yeah, just picking up my camera.”
She tilted her head, studying his face. “Okay. Your mom went into the kitchen to get her lists. Storm will be here in a few minutes, apparently. I hope you don’t mind that I came early to help out. I didn’t know you’d be here ahead of time, as well, and I didn’t mean to break up whatever you and your mom were planning.”
He quickly shook his head as he placed the strap of his bag on his shoulder. He kept fiddling with it since, for some reason, he wanted to reach out and touch her in order to reassure her. He didn’t need to be touching Tabitha in any way.
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