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Montgomery Midnight Kisses News!

November 18, 2020

Surprise! I wrote another Montgomery holiday novella! This one follows Alex and Tabby on their special New Year’s celebration as big changes in their lives arrive. You’ll be able to read this directly from my store for only $0.99 on Dec 28th! Because the cover is adorable, but different than my others, it won’t be available anywhere else. You can read on ALL of your devices easily though, thanks to Bookfunnel!

Alex Montgomery wants to do the unthinkable—surprise his planner-loving wife with a weekend away from the twins and his boisterous family for New Year’s Eve. Tabby has a surprise of her own, one that the Montgomerys might just throw a cheese-filled party for even after the holidays. It’s been four years since Alex and Tabby fell in love. Now it’s time to see what happens after the happy ever after.

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