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Montgomery Ink in hardcover!

November 3, 2020

Yay! The Original Denver Montgomerys are now in Hardcover and Large Print! They are SO pretty, y’all. I’m so excited and I cannot wait for you to hold them in your hands! Each of the original eight Montgomerys are available and I hope soon to perhaps add the novellas too! Don’t miss out on Delicate Ink, Tempting Boundaries, Harder than Words, Written in Ink, Ink Enduring, Ink Exposed, Inked Expressions, and Inked Memories in Hardcover and Large Print!!

NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan begins her binge-worthy Montgomery Ink series with a bachelor ready to finally settle down and the one woman he shouldn’t have.

One look at the woman who comes in for new ink and Austin Montgomery knows she’s the one for him. The problem: she can’t stand him. Now he’ll have to be his most charming and brooding if he has any chance of changing her mind…and claiming her heart.

Sierra Elder has reasons for keeping away and secrets close to her heart. An accident took her first love and scarred more than her soul in the process. Now the inked man with a wicked grin is starting to melt the ice she’s built to keep her safe, but the danger isn’t only from what she feels.

Some secrets were never meant to be kept and when mistakes from both of their pasts come knocking, they’ll have to trust each other, even if it could hurt them both in the process.

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