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Montgomery Ink Bites Cookbook Annoucement!

January 18, 2022

SURPRISE! AHHHH! Keeping this secret under wraps for nearly two years has been too much! HAHA

Suzanne M Johnson and I have had SO much fun with the OG Montgomerys. Being able to build recipes around the characters I love so much has been such a fantastic experience! This cookbook will be available in ebook AND print on release day (June 21st) and is full of EIGHT brand new short stories, each featuring a different Denver Montgomery Couple (or Triad in Maya’s case!)

And each story also has recipes that are all about that Montgomery flare. (SO yes, there is cheese involved. So much cheese hahaha.) When we get closer, we’ll talk about why we picked a certain theme for each couple but OMG don’t miss this book! YAY!

The Montgomery Ink Bites Cookbook releases June 21st

When the world thinks of the Montgomerys from NYT bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan’s Montgomery Ink series, they usually think of big family dinners, connections that never break, and…cheese.

Along with USA Today bestselling cookbook author Suzanne M. Johnson, Carrie Ann heads back to the original Denver Montgomerys and their favorite meals.

Whether it’s an easy meal of appetizers for a large family on the go, a cheese-filled fest of indulgence, or a day that’s solely about the love of cupcakes, the Montgomerys are here to stay.

Each original Denver Montgomery is back with a brand-new story as well as delicious recipes that speak of family, spice, and of course, cheese.

Take a seat, laugh, and fall in love with the Montgomerys again, and try out some of their favorite recipes as you visit familiar characters and get ready to meet the next generation of Montgomerys on the way!


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