Monday Sneak Peek: From Flame and Ash - Carrie Ann Ryan
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Monday Sneak Peek: From Flame and Ash

September 30, 2019

From Flame and Ash (Elements of Five Book 2) releases Nov 19th! Here’s a taste to get you ready!

We walked for two days straight, only resting for a few hours at a time to sleep, eat, and drink water. It was weird, but the journey felt so much like the time I had moved from the Earth territory to the Fire one. We just kept walking. Nobody in the group spoke much, but Arwin was the quietest of them all. He seemed so sweet, though, always making sure I had enough water and food. And he really seemed to like Braelynn. He held her close, even carrying her in his arms so she could have a better look around. They were all warriors, I knew that, but Arwin seemed almost…innocent.
It seemed weird that there could be innocence in a world where people died all the time because of other people’s greed. But there was goodness in the human world, as well. Sometimes I forgot that.
My legs burned, and I was exhausted and really just wanted a bath, but I knew we were getting close.
When the magic through my body shimmered, I looked down at the Air Wielding humming in my fingers, the earth rumbling beneath my feet.
We were getting close.
Or perhaps we had arrived.

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