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KU Spotlight: Dante’s Circle

July 4, 2021

Did you know entire paranormal backlist is in Kindle Unlimited? You can now binge read ALL of my paranormal and fantasy romances for FREE in KU!

One of those series is the Dante’s Circle series! Writing this series came from an answer to a question. What would happen if I were to study a spec of angel dust in my own solid state NMR chemistry days? Would I find the answers to the unknown? Or would the magics of the paranormal world shield me from it?

Of course, from there, I needed to see how a human could enter this world of the paranormal where you couldn’t be made, but born into it. Enter lightning.

You read that right.


Seven women are struck by lightning and they’ll each turn into a different paranormal creature. Along the way they’ll find their fated mates (someones one, sometimes TWO), and their world implodes. This is one of my favorite series to write because each book is set in at least two different realms, so the world building is intense and the found family made by these women is EVERYTHING to me.

You can now binge read the entire series in KU. And if the series does well, I hope to be able to write more about a question Dante asks in Dante’s Circle Reborn. You’ll just have to read and find out exactly where my mind went with this particular sexy dragon!

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