Cover Reveal: Mated in Chaos - Carrie Ann Ryan
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Carrie Ann Ryan Carrie Ann Ryan

Cover Reveal: Mated in Chaos

September 4, 2022

I am so in love with these covers! Mated in Chaos (Aspen Pack Book 3) releases on Jan 16th, 2023! This is a triad romance with all the heat, alphas, and growly goodness.

The Aspen Pack series from NYT Bestselling Carrie Ann Ryan continues with an Alpha triad romance that shakes the shifter world forever.

Once Packless, now Alpha of the cursed ones, Cole Levin knows the weight of power and responsibility down to his marrow. But when the moon goddess changes the rules when it comes to mating, his entire world erupts and Central Alpha finds his fate with two mates.

Adalyn Anthea and Nico Jamenson are former rival shifters who have been dancing around their burning attraction for months. Only they didn’t know their missing piece was the Alpha that hides from them all.

Adalyn holds her painful secrets close, while Nico’s powers are cascading into something dangerous. As their mating comes to a shocking connection, Cole knows that he needs to be the foundation for them all.

Because the vampire chaos is at a precipice and a dark king is hunting for vengeance. And if this triad isn’t careful, their fragile new mating will burn before it can begin.


Important Update about Aspen Pack Series …

Pre-orders for the series on Apple, Nook, Kobo, & Google Play will be honored. 

They will be released a few days earlier on those retailers for 24 hours and then they will release directly into Kindle Unlimited on Amazon! 

If you want to read these books on any of the above retailers please get your preorder in.


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