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Carrie Ann is on Patreon!

November 7, 2022

Here is the news I’ve been hiding for a bit!

I nearly shared this in 2020…and again in 2021…but it’s time!

I’m writing short stories and special items on Patreon!

I want a place to write those stories for you, to make sure you get special deets, and other special perks on the way.

Wait. Why Patreon?

This is for all those readers who want to know more about Carrie Ann’s characters and focus on their favorite books. So many of Carrie Ann’s readers have favorite heroes they want in their lives and heroines they want to be and even more characters they want to be friends with. Patreon will allow for a closer connection to those characters and get goodies and perks no one else gets.

Carrie Ann gets weekly, sometimes daily requests for behind the scenes looks at her books as well as stories about past characters. This will be a place to make that happen!

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