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Dante’s Circle Reborn

NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan returns to her bestselling Dante’s Circle series with a collection of four never before published and highly anticipated romances.


Liam and Alec watched their Pack fall from grace and fought with tooth and claw to make it rise from the ashes again for the Alpha. Once from rival families and now true packmates, they’ve fought their attraction for longer than they should have. Now, as they leave the den in search of a rogue wolf, they’ll finally have a chance to entice their wolves—if they can overcome their struggles and survive what lurks in the darkness.


Jonah assumed he’d seen everything there was to see throughout his long life. He battled dragons, lions, and anything else that came across his path. Now, it’s his job to protect the cubs under his care—something far more dangerous than anyone ever counted on. But when he comes to face to face with Dante’s sexy new bartender, everything changes. From his first look into those silver eyes, he was lost. But they’re eyes that can kill if the world isn’t careful, and some want them for their own.


Calypso’s position as a representative on the Conclave for all mermaids is in jeopardy if she can’t uncover the true lineage of a mysterious stranger. Especially since his mere presence seems to rock the already shaky foundation of their people.

Micha knows exactly what he is: the one supernatural being that everyone claims cannot exist. And he’s been searching eons for his mate. Now that he’s found her, all bets are off. But he must keep his past a secret, no matter the consequences.


He remembers his death. Even remembers parts of his life. But as a newly made reaper, he must do the one thing he knows he cannot: reap his soul mate. No matter that she can see death coming.

Forever Broken

Special Edition

He knows she’s his. Now to prove it her. And fate.

Max lost everyone once before, leaving his heart on the battlefield. One look at Cheyenne, and he knows something is different about this human.

Only she’s about to leave the den forever.

Cheyenne needs a fresh start. She’s surrounded by fated mates and knows she’ll never have one of her own. Especially not with the broody and quiet Max.

She needs a purpose…and the moon goddess gives one to her.

The war between Packs is at its peak and with an unexpected power entering the fold, Max and Cheyenne’s mating might be the final straw that saves their world.

Or destroys fate’s path completely.

Talon Pack Box Set 1

The war between the Redwood Pack and the Centrals is one of wolf legend. The Talon Pack was always on the fringes, prepared to fight, but not in the right leadership. With the new Alpha and ruling family, the Talons are a Pack of wolves that no one wants to mess with.

Tattered Loyalties – Talon Pack Book 1

The Alpha of the Talon Pack finds his mate in the daughter of the rival Pack…a submissive wolf ready to take on the world for her family. Gideon and Brie will have to fight until the end of days in order to test their boundaries and their mating bond…or all will be lost.

An Alpha’s Choice – Talon Pack Book 2

Brynn is the sister of the Alpha and Finn the son of their rival Alpha and yet fated to be mates…only one of them can’t sense the connection. They’ll have to find out how they can create the bond as the rest of the world deals with the revelations that could destroy their fragile peace.

Mated in Mist – Talon Pack Book 3

Ryder is the Heir to the Pack while Leah is a witch with no home and once their paths cross, nothing will stop them but themselves. New enemies come to light as they must protect their people and together their passion will burn bright…or combust and shatter them both.

Strength Enduring

Special Edition

Fate decided they were mates. They decided something different. Or so they thought.

Dhani has always been on the outside looking in when it comes to the Talon Pack, but she’s not about to let fate and the moon goddess decide her path for her. When she takes Kameron as a mate, it will be her choice.

Only their enemy takes the choice from them.

Kameron will sacrifice everything for his Pack and family. Even if it means losing a chance with the woman he loves.

As long as she survives, he knows it will be worth it.

The enemy Alpha changed the rules. And if the Talons aren’t careful, they could lose everything.


Eternal Mourning

Special Edition

Aimee knows two things for sure: Walker is her mate. And she’s dying.

As Healer to the Talon Pack, Walker must come to grips with the idea that he can’t save everyone…including the woman he loves.

But he refuses to give up, even if it means breaking the new human laws that keep the peace between shifters and the world.

Now under the sights of their enemy Pack, Aimee now must fight to survive as well as fight for her mate.

The rules of mating and shifters are changing and the passion that brought them together will have to burn bright to save their Packs…and each other.