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Taken With You

Book 4 in the Fractured Connections Series

It all started at a wedding. I didn’t mean to dance with Meadow. And I really didn’t mean to kiss her. But now, she’s the only thing on my mind. And when it all comes down to it, she’s the only person I can’t have.

I’ll just have to stay away from her, no matter how hard we’re pulled together.


Running away from your friend’s wedding isn’t the best way to keep the gossip at bay. But falling for the mysterious and gorgeous bartender at my friends’ bar will only make it worse. Beckham has his secrets, and I refuse to pry.

Once burned, twice kicked down, and never allowed to get up again. Yet taking a chance with him might be the only choice I have. And the only one I want.

Taken With You is Book 4 in the Fractured Connections series

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Taken With You

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Jan 28, 2020